The Place to be in Spring For Me

One of my favourite things about being here for six months each year is the pleasure I get in the slow unfolding of the spring season and all that entails.   There are many indicators of when that season starts but for me it officially commences when I find parts of the mountainside peppered with wild paperwhites.   Well, it started today!

Marc had decided he would like a morning at home as today is the official start of his online art sale and he needed to put the finishing touch on a few things.   If you haven’t already, you should go and check it out.

Aujourd’hui et jusqu’au 22 janvier tout les prix du catalogue de mes oeuvres sont réduits de 30% à 35%. Faite moi une offre en privé..

Today and until January 22nd every piece in my catalogue is reduced from 30% to 35%. Make me an offer in a private message. http://www.

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In any case, while he worked, Pat, Gary, James and I headed off to enjoy a slow hike up  São Miguel.  A perfect day for it.  Overcast, not too hot, and no rain last night, which means a dry trail.   It was sublime to be outside enjoying friends, fresh air, flora and fauna.

By the time we arrived home we were starving.  Marc, James and I headed off for the square……a delicious new dish with frango.

IMG_0897 A perfect day……………and given it’s 17h00 hours……guess what we are all doing??  Pop goes the cork.


6 thoughts on “The Place to be in Spring For Me

  1. Spring third week of January!!! Oh I am so so jealous!


    1. I truly wish all my family and friends could get to experience something like this. It’s so wonderful to start to find spring flowers this soon and once they start that’s it, new varieties each day. Stay warm, it will come to Ottawa soon.


  2. Another successful climb! Gorgeous day! I can’t decide whether I love the almond tree or your lunch more! I’ll settle on a tie for now! LOL! xoxo


  3. Lovely photos of a great day! Great to see the almond trees in bloom as well as the paperwhites! The only white we have in Nova Scotia are snowflakes & lots of them. Your frango dish looks good.


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