We’re Still Alive!!!

I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days enquiring as to our whereabouts and wondering if we are all still alive and kicking!  It’s nice to be missed.

The routine of our days here is tremendously enjoyable, our days full and before I know it, it’s time to head off to bed.  My blog has taken a bit of a back seat but I’ll try and change that.

Marc has been busy with his online sale, which has gone quite well, and his ongoing painting.  I can attest to this because removing paint stains has become a new forte!

Gary came down with a cold and has been slowly recuperating, which means Patricia and I have had to put up with each others company quite a bit!  Such hardship.

On Sunday she and I headed off for the Chouriço-Festival in Querença.  We’ve been in years past however it’s still wonderful to be around the energy, the vibrancy of the village not to mention the gorgeous drive up through the mountains.  We both enjoyed it and returned with homemade ginger conserves.   Not everything is chouriço!

I’ve lost track of Monday and Tuesday!!!   I think of that as a good thing and not early dementia!!!   I know we hit the gym each morning followed by lunch at home but for the life of me, can’t recall after that.  I think I was reading one afternoon.

Yesterday, was another full day and in the afternoon Marc and I headed off to the airport as……….

Our friend Diane Elkas has arrived!!!   Very happy to see her, help her settle into her new apartment in Olhão then the three of us headed out for dinner and lengthy gabfest to catch up on things.   We’ll give her a few days to settle in before we drag her off on any adventures.

This morning it was gym followed by lunch at home then Patricia and I headed off for a lovely walk in the mountains nearby.   Change happens so quickly this time of the year and one of the markers for us is the almond trees.   They are quickly dropping the flowers and now the fruit will form.

The hike was mostly uphill, thank goodness for our gym activity.  However, the descent provided several beautiful perspectives.

We live great lives and never cease to be thankful for the ability to be outside at this time of year enjoying the great outdoors.   We could be with our family and friends in Newfoundland trying to dig ourselves out.

And my final shot of the day………….my lovely, happy, and treasured hiking companion.


6 thoughts on “We’re Still Alive!!!

  1. Well glad you are still alive! Love the photo of your hiking friend Patricia and I again, am a bit jealous! Enjoy! I think by the time we can get to Portugal it will be as populated and expensive as other European places along the Mediterranean!


    1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are wrong and you will be here sooner than that. Remain positive.


  2. So nice to see you are all still alive! Nice to see Diane has arrived safely & in the lovely town of Olhão. Lovely pics on your hike with Pat – hope Gary feels better soon!


    1. Gary is almost back to “good as new” already. He wisely laid low for a few days.


  3. Thanks for the update, Randy. If we can’t be there, it is a tonic to see where you have been… the lovely blue skies, the landscapes, the almond trees. Glad to know you are well and having so much fun!


    1. We are all certainly pretty happy here. There isn’t a single thing to complain about….nor do we want to complain!!! Hope you are both keeping well.


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