Sunshine On My Shoulders

This has been a very laid back and tranquil Sunday for us.  We had dinner here last night, 10 of us, and consequently, it was a much later bedtime than we two old farts are used to!!

I was desirous of being close to the sea and headed off by myself for the Praia de Faro, which is situated on an island called Ilha de Faro, also known as Península do Ancão.  It stretches out about 5 kms..  I have walked parts of the beach many times but never as far as the end of the eastern point.    I walked it all today and literally stopped right at the edge of the Atlantic where another sandbar island lay about 100 meters away.

Other than the surfers, I had the entire end of the island to myself.  At one point as I started the trek back I was slightly below the dunes and was totally alone.  I stood there listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the warm sun on my face.

As I headed back on the most northerly part of the island I discovered an old boardwalk and decided to take it.  I was quite glad I did as it looped through a small “village” of either fisher’s houses or gypsy squatters.  I couldn’t quite tell.  It was however very picturesque and although there were a few folks about, quiet.

At the end of the boardwalk I was more or less at the end of the main village and decided to walk the sidewalk part of the way before getting back on the beach.

A thoroughly wonderful walk.   Quiet and peaceful, the warm sun keeping me company and after a while, the noise of the pounding surf was hardly noticeable.    And in closing, a little eye candy for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing…..I know who you are!


12 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Shoulders

  1. What a beautiful walk that must have been! If you would like to try it again, I would love to accompany you in a few weeks!😊


    1. I would love to. Barefoot next time as my feet are quite tired now!


  2. Well well eye candy for everybody!


  3. Woo hoo!!!!!


  4. Amazing blog today as it was so peaceful with the sun, sand & blue skies! I thoroughly enjoyed it and what a wonderful stroll for you. I loved that walkway to a beach house – so nice. And, of course, the eye candy is not bad either!!


    1. It truly was a beautiful walk although in hindsight I should have kicked my shoes off.


  5. What an interesting walk and some beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Debbie. It’s a walk I will do again. Next time I will pack some food and relax for awhile at the end of the island.


  6. Such a beautiful walk. Enjoyed the great pictures. Made my day! All is so lovely and your comments add the topping. Thanks…


    1. Thanks Erika…… was truly an amazing walk, and to have most of it to myself, bonus. Next time bare feet and some food in my knapsack so I can sit at what feels like the end of the world, and relax. Hope you are keeping busy and winter is not so bad for you.


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