A Little of “Dis” and a Bit of “Dat”

I was up early this morning, threw on a load of laundry and as I was on my own at the gym this morning, headed off around 9h30.  Marc has hurt his lower back and is taking a couple of days off and Pat and Gary were going in a bit later.  Great workout, just over an hour and a half and boy, did it ever energize me.   I could have given the Energizer Bunny a run for his money!!

Once home I had lunch, cleaned up and decided to head off to explore a few “country roads” I had noticed recently that were begging to be explored.  I knew that Pat and Gary were intending to head to Fuzeta and I aimed to make that my last stop in hopes of finding them.   Turned out to be a wonderful adventure…..I’ll let the photos do the talking.

A couple of the roads I explored were quite challenging and I’m always amazed to see where people have constructed homes!!  I came upon this lovely cluster of bougainvillea on one of those roads.


Eventually, I wound my way near the sea, parked the car and took a walk along the narrow road that hugged the shoreline.  To be close to the sea and breathe in all that fresh salty air is something that I don’t think I would ever grow tired of.

I wasn’t far from Fuzeta and decided to head in to see if I could locate Pat and Gary.  Bingo!


This is what contentment in retirement looks like.   We had a lovely relaxing time on the terrace then took a short walk along the harbour, down to the beach, then back to their car.  From there I headed off to explore and enjoy one of my favourite authentic towns at this end of the Algarve directly on the sea.

From here I headed home but as I am want to do, not in a straight line or an expected route.   I drove slowly along a series of small country roads……..all I can say is, thank goodness it’s a rental car!!!

Hopefully, you can view this…….it delighted me.

A perfectly enjoyable afternoon.   As I arrived back at the Quinta, a pleasant sight caught my eye.   Obviously I was not the only one enjoying a perfect afternoon.


Harald, Bela and Marc enjoying tea and cake beside the pool.  Life as we all know it is sublimely grand!

9 thoughts on “A Little of “Dis” and a Bit of “Dat”

  1. Loved your journey of simple yet spectacular observations and pics today.


    1. Thanks Ken. I love my wanderings. Hope you too had a pleasant Portuguese day.


      1. I wandered around the pool today but made friends with a big black feral dog who barked at me when I was out on a walk in the hood. But he was wagging his tail. As I approached he came up to me and I patted his head. He liked it. As I continued on my walk he walked beside me for a couple of blocks. He seemed happy to have company.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed your journey immensely. Thank you ever so much for sharing your joy.


    1. Thanks for the comments mon amie……I love knowing you are along with me!


  3. Loved so many things in the photos today. The bougainvillea is gorgeous. I loved that blue door and I especially loved the goats lol a beautiful day for sure. Hope Marc’s back settles quickly.


    1. Thanks!!! Yes, the goats were a delight on the way home. I was so happy I thought to take a quick video and that I was able to insert it.


  4. Randy I look forward to your post every day. I have to tell you that you made my day with today’s post. The video of the goats was just lovely. I felt like I was right there with you. Thank you for finding the time to include us so often. I do hope Marc feels better soon 🤕. Susan 😘


    1. So happy you are following along and thanks so much for the feedback. It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to insert videos. Hugs


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