Odeleite de Perto e de Longe (near and far)

A fabulous hike today.  A small footpath route, circular, approximately 11 km.  We passed through a couple of small villages, oak forest, pine forest, along the Ribeira de Odeleite, lined with dense areas of bamboo, orange groves, abandoned vineyards, and of course, gorgeous almond trees in the final throes of their flowering.  What a great day.

Once we navigated the ups and downs of the town, we headed off into the open countryside, which at this hour, was still glistening with morning dew.  The only sounds were the birds, the occasional bell ringing from sheep, donkeys, or both, and our chatter.

We came to a tiny village that didn’t have any name signs.  It consisted of about 10 houses, all of them in pristine condition and quite a few dogs about.

I’m always watching for signs of the local flora and today was quite surprised to find several of the gum cistuses in bloom.  In my memory, this is early.

We all seem to walk at a different pace on and off and it’s fun for me sometimes to look back and see where the others are.  I decided it would be fun to take a selfie with the others holding up the rear.


By this time we were down in the valley and on level with the river, Riberia de Odeleite.  It was so incredibly quiet and tranquil.

Once we started up from the riverbed area we arrived at the outskirts of Odeleite but in a completely different part of town.

Because we had parked next to the cemetery, I decided to poke my nose in when I got back to the car.  I wasn’t disappointed as it was interesting, and as usual, peaceful.

And finally, lunch.  A much deserved and greatly appreciated lunch.  For three of us, borrego da casa.   Lamb of the house.   Tender, flavourful, plentiful, and soon nothing more than a pile of bones. (I forgot to photograph Gary’s platter of pig cheeks).  Hunger will do that to you!!!!!!


I am always grateful for these wonderful excursions into the Portuguese countryside.  No two wandering are ever the same, they all leave an imprint on my mind and my soul, and each one leaves me longing for the next one.  Stay tuned!!!

9 thoughts on “Odeleite de Perto e de Longe (near and far)

  1. This looks like an amazing hike. Hope to meet you when we are in Tavira early next month. Enjoy your postings! Anne Marie and Paul



  2. Looks like a wonderful discovery day.


    1. Every day is a discovery day for us. The countryside is truly a hikers dream


  3. Love this post! Can’t wait to be wintering in Portugal and doing these mini Caminhos any time I wish!


  4. What a lovely hike and so many varied interesting photos! Gorgeous landscapes and that blue sky warms my heart every time! Your partners in crime looked like they enjoyed as well! xoxo


  5. It looks like a lovely walk!


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