Pé de Coelho…Rabbit’s Foot

Another fabulous hike notched into my memory!


Harald and I set off early this morning for the 45 minute drive to Salir and the start of the hike called Pé de coelho, or Rabbit Foot…..can’t find out why!  According to the guide book it was 8.5 kms, and would take roughly 5 hours.  At the end of the hike, according to our GPS and Fitbit, it was just under 11 kms and took us just under three hours, and that was with a stop for coffee!!

I do have to say however that it was probably the most challenging hike I have ever done here in the Algarve.  the temperature hit 24, and for the most part we were in the open, not much shade at all and the last couple of km were straight down on a narrow footpath that was basically slate, small rocks, and residue of both cork and eucalyptus scattered about that provided a similar surface to ice in that your feet kept slipping out from under you!!!!  The guide book did not give an indication of “intensity”, although that wouldn’t have deterred me.

This particular path was winding through the mountains and along a valley floor directly beside the Ribeira do Arade, which we had to cross five different times.  The entire area is part of the mountains, Serra do Caldeirão.  The panoramic views were at times breathtaking.

Happily for us, at the highest point Serra do Malhão, what to our wondering eyes should appear…..but a cafe!  We sat and enjoyed a beverage and simply breathed in the 360 degree view before heading off for the downward part of the hike.  (Miramar means  sea-view but I think they were teasing…or perhaps I simply wasn’t seeing far enough!!)


Right across the road from this, on another peak, is a retreat, a  Tibetan Buddhist centre.

As I mentioned earlier, the downward descent was very demanding, you couldn’t look up very much at all unless you stopped completely.  By this time I think it safe to say we were both feeling the intense heat plus with trying to simply stay upright, it was a quite a silent journey….or…..perhaps we had absorbed some of the benefits from the Buddist centre!!!!!   Who knows.   All I know is that we were focused on this…….the place where the car was sitting!!


Another truly marvellous experience with my hiking companion, Harald.  And a final shot……..a blaze of colour from the day, one of the only things we saw in full bloom.  It looks like a small pine bush but is covered in these glorious blossoms and today, a million bees!!!


12 thoughts on “Pé de Coelho…Rabbit’s Foot

  1. Wow!!! My spirit was with you…easier to enjoy through your photos. Way to go, dynamo!!


    1. You would have loved it as it was by far the most amazing hike I’ve done here. The downward trek however was quite the challenge. Missing you as my neighbour!!


  2. If I ever get there can I go with you on these hikes? I promise I won’t babble on too much.


    1. You would be an ideal hiking companion I haven’t a doubt in the world. Just get yourself here!!


  3. Wow looks like a challenging hike but a very memorable one. Great pictures. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Ken. It sure will remain memorable especially as I now have a tiny sunburn right on that thin line between my cap and my hairline!!! I’m thinking it resembles a bright red halo!!!


      1. Halo….appropriate. The hiking Gods were shining down upon thee!😎


  4. Thanks again for a wonderful day of hiking..I feel so much fitter 😊


    1. Oh dear, you made me laugh out loud!! Thanks for that.


  5. Enjoyed your blog today, especially your photo of the poppies, of course! You took some lovely shots of the surrounding landscapes, very pretty! Nice to see green! The hike sounded and looked challenging in parts…you’re always up for a challenge! Good on you!


    1. Hey, with turning 65 next week I have to make sure I get all the workout and physical challenges I can to keep the old body moving!!


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