And So the Days Fly By

As you know, I’ve just completed another cycle around the sun and looking back on it, it’s been a wonderful year.   The anniversary itself was spread out over a few days as I had decided I didn’t want any big event this year but rather simple get-togethers with a few folks at a time.  I loved it.

Given the marvelous temperatures and abundant sunshine we’ve been receiving, I was pretty confident that the wild orchids would be popping their little faces up all over the place and I wanted to see as many as I could.  Yesterday Pat, Gary, and I headed off into the mountains at Fonte da Benémola …orchid hunting!!   We weren’t disappointed and who knew that Gary possessed such great instincts in eeking them out!!!  I wonder how he’d be with truffles????

In addition to orchid hunting, we also took immense pleasure in the trail today as it wasn’t busy at all and for the most part, we had the forest and trail to ourselves.  It was lovely and quiet which meant you could hear more of the running stream, the birds, and the sounds of the foliage gently rubbing up against itself.

A place we attempted to stop for lunch turned out to be closed and Gary suggested a place back in Estoi.  I phoned Marc, who was entertaining himself at home, to meet us there and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch together at Casa De Pasto O Vitor.


Marc and I had some other friends stopping by in the afternoon and after lunch, we said our goodbyes then headed home.  Of course, there is always something that captures the interest and the eye.

And in closing, one of my favourites from my day of wandering and watching.  Life remains wonderful for us here in the sunny Algarve.  I hope the same can be said for you.


10 thoughts on “And So the Days Fly By

  1. What a wonderful stroll it was!! Your pics turned out well.


    1. You didn’t see the 30+ I deleted!!! LOL Yes, it was a wonderful stroll. Especially the company.


  2. Another lovely Travelogue A wonderful way to start my day…thanks Randy😊🌺….


    1. My immense pleasure mon amie. I love that you are following along.


  3. Love the little orchids & I was so lucky to seem some in 2015 when I was there. What is so amazing is how small & how low to the ground they are. So enjoyed your pics of them!


    1. They sure are gorgeous. I love finding them each year.


  4. Gorgeous photos. Next year I want to tag along.


    1. You’ll have to be a very good “girl” if you want me to take you orchid hunting!!!


  5. Still reeling from seeing the blue poppy! I can’t thank thank you enough for your keen eye and your great photography skills…almost want to cry it makes me so happy! All your shots of the orchids made me envision you doing a happy dance! Yes, Nature certainly has blessed us with extraordinary beauty in so many places, making the search always such a joy in finding the prize. I love that you have helped me realize what gifts are just waiting to be discovered! Loved your hike today with such wonderful companions! Thank you!


    1. Yup….that flower had your name all over it!!! I am so enamored with the quantity and availability of wildflowers here. Every day is a new treat.


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