Silves Hike

And yet another fabulous hike under my belt!!!  Today five of us, Harald, Pat, Gary, André,and myself headed off for Silves.  The objective:  to hike an unmarked trail that had been more or less explored and laid out in GPS format by an old friend of Harald’s.  It turned out to be a bit of an adventure in that we took a wrong turn here or there but, still a marvellous day and a new perspective on Silves area.

We drove to the town of Silves, parked the car near the river then headed off, meandering through the old town, which of course was delightful as it afforded us the opportunity to see a few of the old lovely houses.

Our first destination was this old wind mill at the top of the mountain.  Of course no route is ever a straight line!


As you can see, it was a beautiful day and it’s still early morning here.  We all wore something to ward off the tiny breeze that seems to be around each morning but it wasn’t long before it all got peeled off.

From here our directions managed to get a tiny bit confusing and I will admit that we might have made a wrong turn, or two, or perhaps even three BUT….we knew it was an unmarked trail and we made the best of it.  I was out for the hike and as long as I arrived home before dark, I was good!!

Finally, after about three hours of fabulous hiking we wound our way back into Silves.  This part of town was not what you might refer to as “a great neighbourhood” but it did have it’s charm.

Turned out to be a wonderful hike, in total just over 13 km.   We were thirsty and hungry and eventually settled on a small patio near the river to enjoy a meal and cold beverages together.   I for one was very happy with the day, but how could I not be…..spending it with people I enjoy, countryside that is ever changing and beautiful to the eye, immense sunshine and blue skies, and being in a place I love.  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

10 thoughts on “Silves Hike

  1. Can I send you some of our snow that has been falling since early this morning?. A little bit of wet white to go with the blue and green and plethora of colours?


    1. Sorry….as much as I like YOU, I do not except snow!!!


  2. Quelle belle aventure avec des bons compagnons. Toujours heureuse pour toi mais toujours envieuse lol. xo


  3. What a wonderful day it seems you had!! The blog is lovely and so many beautiful pictures.

    It’s just a pleasure to sit to read your blogs, it’s like getting lost in a good book, you forget where you are and what’s going on around you as you get lost in the beauty, warmth and story.

    Oh and let’s just say that I needed to be ‘taken away’ from the horrid weather we’re having right now!!!!! There is a blizzard on outside, winds gusting, blowing snow in your face and all over you as soon as you open the door to step out. It makes me wish I had Ollie trained to use the toilet instead of going outside!!!

    Keep the adventures coming.



    1. I’m so happy you 😊 the blog posts. As for your weather….yuck. Spring will soon arrive.


  4. Too funny, you being in Silves Thursday. Kate and I headed out of the Algarve, Thursday, to return her to Lisbon for her flight today, Friday, screwed up on the A22 and ended up, in Silves! We had lots of time, took the N124 up thru the beautiful countryside, until we picked up the A2. One of those lovely happenstances. Talk to you again when I get back down to Luz.


    1. That is way too funny. Imagine if we had bumped into each other. Hope your drive back from Lisboa was uneventful. Will wait to hear from you.


  5. OMGosh! I agree with JoAnn…it is so easy to get lost in your blogs! I just transcend myself back to Paradise, feel the sun on my face and and just soak up the moment! What a glorious hike and wonderful photos, showing the beautiful countryside, flora and the creativity and uniqueness of the Portuguese people, especially their love of colour! Can never get enough of it! You exude with joy, Buddy…I love that too! xoxo


    1. Yes, twas a marvellous hike and wonderful to have a new take on Silves. Now if I just had the money to buy that lovely house in Silves I’d be all set and I’d never come home.


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