Where Has the Sun Gone!!

I believe the sun has gone into mourning as a few of our friends, five in total, have departed for Canada in the last 24 hours.  It’s paying respect to them having to return to snowstorms and cold temperatures.  That’s my explanation as this certainly wasn’t what I hoped for this weekend.

I was up at 5 a.m. to take friends to the airport.  I took advantage of the moment to throw on a load of laundry just as I was leaving then as soon as I was back, hung it all out to dry.  Not anticipating rain, cause there wasn’t any in my forecast, we headed off to the  Olhão market…….now I have clothes spread all the place trying to dry it!!  I figure if that’s all I have to whine about then life is good.  LOL

We headed off to collect André and head to the market.  As we drove down the tiny winding road to his place we had to stop several times to simply enjoy the vista.

When we arrived to park the deep salty smell of the sea was intoxicating.  We enjoyed our walk along the busy street and lo and behold suddenly I hear my name being called out and I bumped into two people I know from Ottawa area!!! (Oneta and Marcel).  Such a small world.

Although it was cloud covered and cooler than forecasted, the market was quite busy and the focus at many booths today was fresh cut flowers.

I’m walking along the busy market perusing the stalls when suddenly I hear my name being called out again.  I turn around and there, sitting on a bench, my friend Sandy Gosnell from London!!  Of course, I knew she was here but I never expected to bump into her at the market as she is staying further east of this part of the Algarve.


We made a few other purchases today….fresh raspberries, beets, fresh cheese for breakfast tomorrow, bread, blackberries and lastly, a bag of dried black figs.  A grand hall for 11 euros!!

We three decided to sit for coffee and a bit of people watching when suddenly, who showed up at our table but Diane…….see, it does come in threes!

By now the wind had picked up a bit and my early rise was catching up to me and home seemed like the best option.  On route I suggested to Marc and  André that we stop for lunch and proposed Dinis’s.  The prato do dia was  Carne de porco com amêijoas (pork and clams).   We dove into it and I forgot to take a photo till the very end!  We each had that many clams.


As we drove down the lane towards the quinta I caught sight of a lovely bed full of freesia and as I promised my sister, JoAnn, I would photograph some for her, we pulled over and I took a couple of snaps.  I wish I could have captured and was able to share with you, the scent.  Heavenly, delicious, intoxicating…………my list of adjectives could go on and on.


And finally, for you Joann.  Breath deeply.   I love you.


8 thoughts on “Where Has the Sun Gone!!

  1. Looks like a lovely day in spite of your damp laundry! It really is a small world and I can’t help but remember running into you and Marc in Sao Bras de Alportel watching the parade – recognizing you from your Facebook photos! Enjoying your blog immensely, especially the hikes. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We too recall that encounter with a smile. Truly is a small world. You would love some of these hikes.


  2. Hey…even with the sun not shining, a glorious day!


    1. Right you are my friend. No complaints here.


  3. Ohhhhhh I’m so excited to see my favourite flower blooming!!! How I wish I could smell them! Thank you for the photo’s, I expect they will be blooming in all their glory now. I would love to be able to buy some to put in my flower jug. The problem is, I rarely go to the market these days but I’m not sure they even have them there anymore. They’ve become so expensive here that people don’t purchase them. To buy them at a flower sop, well, the price is outrageous and they don’t have the scent.

    I will put my nose to the screen and see if I can imagine that amazing smell again. LOL

    Sounds like you had a delightful day, even without the sun. Markets are always fun and of course having your name called out and meeting up with friends unexpectedly is always wonderful.

    I hope you managed to get a nap in and that you both had a relaxing evening.



    1. How I wish you could be here to see and smell them. Our place is heavily scented with them tonight. They are competing with the gorgeous scent of orange blossoms on the night air! I did get a nap!


  4. Another lovely ‘scented’ blog with such wonderful photos! I saw some gorgeous freesia and astromeria at Metro today…very timely! I didn’t purchase any but I did buy some nice beets…the power of suggestion!!
    Made a beautiful spinach and beet salad with cambozola and cranberries/pecans. Very good!
    So fun to run into friends at the market…you are a ‘known’ in a faraway land! Ha! Ha! You have certainly encouraged many friends to enjoy your Paradise! And they keep coming back! Not hard to convince them!


    1. Life here continues to be wonderful. I cannot believe we have already been here for four months! I am officially discouraging people from coming here effective immediately as the place is getting overrun with Canadians 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


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