Pool Parties and Pot-lucks

Today was not as sunny as we would all have appreciated but, what the sun did not provide, camaraderie and laughter did!  It was the 2nd annual pool and potluck party at Chez Bonnie et Ken’s.  Well attended and lots of fun….thanks very much to both of them for the hospitality.

IMG_1468 Pool antics followed by………


Even more pool antics.   Happily, nobody actually fell in.

The first person who actually braved the horrible 31 degree pool was……

IMG_1471Gary!!!!!!  He stayed in and enjoyed having the entire pool to himself for quite some time.

Great food was provided and after we ate, but before Bonnie served her amazing apple pie for dessert, a few brave souls jumped in the pool.

And finally, these three could give the Three Muskateers a run for their money……

IMG_1490 Marc, André,and Gary.

A wonderful afternoon and the lack of sunshine did nothing to dampen our spirits or put a dent in the fun that we all had together.  And in closing…..this beautiful lemon flower…..if I could enclose the scent, I would!


6 thoughts on “Pool Parties and Pot-lucks

  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, good company, good food and good spirits! Such a lovely setting as well. Continued good times! xoxo


    1. Life as we know it is fabulous. Really enjoyed yesterday with old friends and meeting new folks.


  2. Great photos of a fun time had by all! Too bad you didn’t have more sun!


    1. Probably a good thing Joan as this way nobody got sunburned!


  3. Great photos…wish I had been there…..FYI the sun is shining in Ottawa today….and yay Gary for getting in the pool….


    1. You would have enjoyed it, a great group of folks.


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