Serra e Montes..Another Amazing Hike


Today Harald, André, and moi même headed off for the village of Querença, about half an hour northwest of Estoi, in the mountains.  Our goal was to enjoy this lovely hike which claimed to be 9 km and would take roughly 5 hours.    Hogwash!!!!   It is true we may have lost our way from time to time and seen things that the hike overview did not actually offer BUT…at a more than leisurely pace we accomplished 14,34 km in 3 hours and four minutes.  Not bad for three seniors!!!

Those previous photos were taken as we set off through the village to find the beginning of our trail.  We finally found the path and headed off down a lovely old medieval road from Roman times.

I adore these old routes and am always totally taken aback at the things we encounter.  Of course today we passed many properties with dogs who bark incessantly but whose tails wag furiously as we walk past their fences.

The landscape was very varied especially as we meandered along the banks of the Ribeira das Mercês.  We saw so many places where the wild boar had “nested” during the day as they love being close to the water, and of course, the cane plantations where the old bamboo and canes were dancing wildly in the wind.  It also made a great difference to the type of flor and fauna we observed.

Such a varied journey it was and all of it interesting and enjoyable.  For the most part, the three of us wandered along in silence enjoying the countryside, the sunshine, and the physical activity.

As we reached the end of our hiking we, of course, were ravenous and as it turned out, a wonderful small roadside restaurant did not disappoint.

What a truly wonderful day it was and another fabulous hike to document in my journal.  We will probably attempt one more, of Harald’s choosing, next week as our time together is winding down for another year.  Happily, I know it won’t be our last, and for that I am truly grateful.


8 thoughts on “Serra e Montes..Another Amazing Hike

  1. Wow, what a beautiful hike! Quite the feat walking that pace and taking such gorgeous photos.


    1. It’s always a bit of a surprise how much territory we cover in such a short time. Today we started early and I think the cooler morning air motivated us to walk a bit faster.


  2. Okay…put that on the agenda for next year!!! Wow and oh Wow!!!


    1. You would have loved it! Of course in my mind you were right there beside me. It was the most scent filled hike I’ve been on this year.


  3. I absolutely adore the photo of the abandoned house with the rose bush. Wild roses do have stronger aroma and i can imagine how great it smelled. The striped bloom is also breathtaking. Thanks for sharing Randy. I can’t wait for the time that i can spend my days hiking and exploring.


    1. Thanks so much Eileen. I do hope you get to enjoy many years of hiking and exploring. It certainly wakens all the senses and the inner tranquility you attain is phenomenal.


    1. A man of many words! Thanks Ken…hope to see you this coming week.


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