Feira do Pão Quente e Queijo Fresco in Vaqueiros

Another gorgeous Algarvian day and one of my favourite festivals of our stay.  The fair of Hot Bread and Fresh Cheese in Vaqueiros, which is a very tiny village tucked away in one of the many valleys in the mountains near Alcoutim, about an hour or so northeast of us.

My companions for the day were Sandy and André.  Marc is just over his vertigo and didn’t want to risk the winding narrow mountain roads and Diane is recovering from a horrible bout of sciatica and was aware that this sort of long sitting trip might flare it up again.

I love this area and this particular festival for its authenticity and simplicity.  We agreed that the trip there was going to be a stop-start kind of event as it wasn’t simply about the destination.  What a fun time we enjoyed together.

Happily, when we arrived in Vaqueiros we didn’t have to park as far away from the core of the town as we usually do.  Sadly, it was an indication that, although well attended, it wasn’t as busy as it has been other years.

Many food stalls, of all kinds.

We wandered from the bottom of the town to the old church square at the top checking out all the vendors then eventually we settled on hot, freshly out of the oven chorizo buns and a cold Sagres (coke for Sandy) enjoyed in the sunshine on the church steps.

We were there, very much enjoying it all, for about two hours or so then decided to leave to head home.  I had two willing companions for exploring and we headed off on routes unknown, and very little indication of where exactly we might be heading.  It was in the general direction of the sea and we knew that unless we drove into the Guadiana River, we were still in Portugal and I was confident I could get us home!  It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable route with several stops along the way.

And finally, as we drove through the blink and you miss it town of Furnazinhas, these two lovely handpainted tiles adorning a wall on the main street.



A grand day filled with fun and laughter and now, a bunch of new memories.  What a life!

6 thoughts on “Feira do Pão Quente e Queijo Fresco in Vaqueiros

  1. What an interesting day you had. I can almost taste the chorizo bun, fresh bread and cheese. We are also enjoying the spring flowers down here in the south, the azaleas being a favourite. A funny coincidence, I’m currently reading A Better Man alas not one of her best I’m afraid. What do you think?


    1. I’m with you, it’s not as riveting as the other books and I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but something has changed in the way she is writing and the language she is using. I’m about half way so will hold off on a complete opinion till I finish.


  2. Very very nice! You all enjoyed quite the day….and Sandy, you do take a lovely photo. I think it’s time for the Mesquite trail Randy!??


  3. What a lovely day you had with friends! The chorizo bun looks delicious & I can’t wait to see in your new apparel- make sure you share a picture…LOL!


    1. Don’t you worry, I’ll be posting a snap of that for certain!


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