A Final Hike with Harald

Another beautiful day in the Algarve and a final opportunity to enjoy a hike with my constant hiking companion Harald.  As they return to their home in Germany next week and I have another small trip planned for early next week, this was the last day we had that we could make it happen.  André joined us at 9h30 and off we headed.

Harald chose a hike called Ladeiras do Pontal…….or Slopes of the Pontal.  It was about an hour drive northeast of our area, in the municipality of Alcoutim and for part, embracing the banks of the Guadiana River, the natural boundary between Portugal and Spain.

By Harald’s GPS measurements, 13,66 km.  By my Fitbit 15,20 km. but……I do have a tendency to explore a little beyond the normal path and I did a couple of extra explorations looking for our next sign indicator.   That means I take credit for 15,20!

By now we were almost at the halfway point of our hike and the sun was beating down on us, much warmer than we had anticipated.  I don’t usually sweat on these hikes but today is was pouring down my neck.

The last half of the hike was through a few valleys and directly in the open, no shade available to us at all.  It was quite warm but happily, a small breeze showed up to keep us company during this last 7 km.

And finally, shade and a little coolness as the last two km took us along the banks of the Guadiana River.

Another wonderful hike to add to my already overflowing list for this year.  I am grateful and thankful for Harald’s friendship and his companionship on these hikes.  I will miss him until we meet again here next winter.   He amused me today with a story of little girls using the center of the poppy flower to make a princess……..

IMG_1678 You take the two pods and you remove the stem from one then insert the stem of the other into the hole then you spread the bottom of the pod to make the Princess’s skirt.  I loved it.

9 thoughts on “A Final Hike with Harald

  1. Such an interesting and varied hike. The abandoned buildings are fascinating albeit a tiny bit sad. Any idea weather the pine trees were planted for pine nuts, I think I read Portugal does produce them in the Alentejo Region.


    1. The pine trees here were planted more for erosion purposes and to the best of my knowledge, they don’t collect the pine nuts here. They do gather the pine cones and they are sold in sacks all “winter long” to use as fire starter in the woodstoves and fireplaces!


  2. I use to do that a lot with the puppies

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  3. I never tire of the beautiful flowers. Have to say I enjoy the animals along the way as well. Thanks so much ! Hope Marc is well and that his vertigo has passed. Hugs Susan


    1. Thanks for the comments Susan. Like you, I never tire of the flowers either. The countryside here is so varied and beautiful. It’s a sad reality when you see them ploughing down fields of cistus to make ready for the “fire season”. Marc is feeling much better thanks for asking. Hope you are all well at home.


  4. A beautiful blog today indeed. I loved all the beautiful flowers and scenery!! I ‘borrowed’ your picture of the freesia. LOL.
    I love seeing the animals as well. The turkeys being so on alert by your distant presence made me chuckle. The goats colours were lovely, although I hated to see it hobbled. She must be a wanderer. lol

    I think I may have asked this before, are the green lavender scented and if so, is it the same scent as the purple shade?

    I too LOVED the colours on that house. It’s so interesting how they mix so many different colours on the same building and it just blends together beautifully.

    You will certainly miss Harald when he leaves. He seems to enjoy hiking like you do. His princess poppy story was cute.

    Love and Hugs,


    1. Yes, the two lavenders smell very similar with the purple being the more intense. I love seeing the hillsides covered in them this time of the year. I think the goat was hobbled only so they can not stray too far away. They don’t hobble the babies at all. And you are free to use my freesia photos in any way you like. I keep taking them so you can enjoy them.


  5. Another lovely hike with Harald with lasting memories! Your photos were great today, really showing how Nature provides such beauty just about everywhere. The flowering plum tree was gorgeous! Of course, the poppy and the princess poppy story stole my heart….so wonderful that Harald shared it with you. xo


    1. You’re predictable! LOL. How did I know the Poppy Princess story would steal your heart.


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