Remaining Calm

I’m certain that everybody is experiencing some form of anxiety these days with the constantly evolving circus that is going on in the world right now.   Here in Portugal, many things have come to a screeching halt, some are overreacting but generally, it’s calm.     We (individually) have made decisions about staying versus trying to leave and I think it safe to say we all feel ok with our current decisions.   It does feel wonderful to have this small contingent of friends that we have been able to run ideas past and vent things out.   For us (Marc, Laurie, and myself) we are presently booked on a flight out of Lisboa on March 23rd directly to Toronto.  It was the best we could do and we are content with that.  If anything happens and further borders are closed or flights are stopped completely, it simply means we will stay here in Portgual and ride the wave.

In the meantime, we continue to connect with our friends, stay away from crowds and will enjoy visits, quiet time, hiking, picnics and beach days.  Thank goodness for the sunshine and blue skies that keep us company and lighten our load.

Saturday morning I headed to Silves to pick up Laurie while Marc headed off to the Olhão market with André.  They were going to meet up with Diane then Laurie and I would meet them later for lunch.   I arrived in Silves a little early and decided to take a walk along the Arade River and wander over to the Saturday morning mercado.

After collecting Laurie we headed back to Olhão and met up with the others for lunch.  It wasn’t overly busy which made for a delightfully tranquil time together with what turned out to be, wonderful meals.

For the record, there is a photo of Laurie but I have been forbidden to share it.  One might even say threatened if I do!!!!  Not to worry, she shows up in another photo soon.

The balance of the day was at home laying low, checking out the flight situation, chatting with family and friends etc..  Kind of nice to simply be “at home” together.

This morning marc made buckwheat crepes and invited Harald and Bela for breakfast.  Fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, yoghurt, cheese, maple syrup……what a feast.   Again, such comfort in simply relaxing together.

Marc had a couple of things he wanted to do while Laurie and myself headed off for a lovely walk around and through the village.

We were going to lunch at home but at the last moment decided to see if we could stop at a patio before heading over to visit with Pat and Gary.  We did find a place and enjoyed an enormous platter of grilled chicken, tomato salad, fries, great olives and we decided to stick to water to wash it all down.  Another wonderful oasis of calm.

Tomorrow will be a new day and for us, a hike, one that we’ve done each year we’ve been here and always enjoy.  We’ll each take along a picnic and share in the pleasure of the countryside and each others company.   Here’s to hoping that all of our family and friends stay safe and healthy and that my blog brings you a moment of welcome diversion from the realities of the moment.

8 thoughts on “Remaining Calm

  1. I love your posts. A few moments of serenity in a world gone mad.


    1. Thanks Donna. We are feeling like that right now also. Hope your last few days here are wonderful. Stay safe.


  2. Anne Marie Dalton March 15, 2020 — 7:14 pm

    Lovely photos Randy. We miss Portugal already. Also very thoughtful piece about decisions in a hectic social world. Continue to enjoy. Loved meeting you and Marc.


    1. Wonderful meeting you and Paul also. We were disappointed not to have a second get together but are happy you were able to change your plans and get home.


  3. Glad to see you got an earlier flight home & hope it works out. A lot of stuff is shutdown here in Nova Scotia and we had our first of three presumptive cases here today. Take care & stay safe!
    The photos today were lovely and the lunches looked delicious!


    1. Thanks Joannie, stay safe yourself.


  4. Merci Randy pour ces images si belles. Je croirais être avec vous. A bientôt xx


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