A Walk to the Spring……a favourite hike

A small contingent of our Canadian community here in the Algarve had decided to enjoy a hike a picnic not far from our village of Estoi.  It’s called A Walk to the Spring and it’s one that some of us have enjoyed several different times over the years.  Actually, the only person in our group today who had not done it before was André, and I think it’s one that he too will do again in future years.

Although a lovely temperature today 18 degrees, the winds were quite something.  André suggested we refer to the hike as Gone With the Wind!!!!  Nevertheless, we all enjoyed it immensely.  A welcomed reprieve from what is going on in the world.

The hike meanders along old walled paths flanked by farmland.  Many beautiful panoramic views and loads of carob, olive, and cork trees.  We were surprised, given the extreme lack of rain, the lovely green of the land.

We pass through the “blink and you miss it village” of Desbarato.   A few lovely gardens along the route.

By now we were all mentioning food, which was a good sign that it was time for our picnic.   A lovely old field, shade or sunshine, take your pick.  Dancing gladioli, Peruvian lilies, other small brightly coloured wildflowers and a picnic it was.

By this point, we were probably just a bit more than halfway through the 10 km hike.  Full from our picnic the rest of the walk was a tiny bit slower but no less wonderful.

A perfectly marvellous day.  And as they all do, this one came to an end.  It may, or may not be the final hike of our visit here this year.  That will be determined in the next couple of days.   Tomorrow is to be a day of rain, which is needed, and cooler temperatures.  If so, we have wood for the stove, potato chips and pretzels, vinho, and almost anything else we might require for a perfect “jammie day”.

And in closing…….I always mention that I love how the Portuguese use colour and now, with all the many flowers in bloom, it simply enhances that love.  Stay safe and well.


8 thoughts on “A Walk to the Spring……a favourite hike

  1. It was again an amazing hike!!! Love it; for me it’s my favourite. So peaceful, serene and a diverse countryside.


  2. Love the beautiful photos of all of you and thr beautiful countryside and flowers – especially the blue ones! Andre’s comment “Gone with the Wind” was too funny!


    1. Andre’ can be funny! It was a great hike and yes, like you, the blue flowers were quite breathtaking. Thanks Joannie


  3. What a wonderful hike…I would have loved it! The blue flowers with the sunlight dancing on them was magical!
    The tongue orchids…don’t recall them but gorgeous! I have been dreaming about my peonies surfacing, so your peony photos today made me hopeful! Now, that Pixie in the Peonies was pretty cute! The freesia…OMG!
    I smelled them from here! Such a perfect blog amidst our chaos and signs of our spring emerging daily..new beginnings! The robins, woodpeckers and cardinals are here to welcome you home to Canada! Thanks, Buddy!


    1. Yes, you would have gone mad, or perhaps I should say “maddder” with the gorgeousness of the flowers. Mother Nature is a wonderful creature,


  4. This hikes sounds wonderful and would have been 1000 times better than the power walk I did in suburbia with the chilly wind! Gym is closed, can’t do my high intensity intervals, no trainer to help me through my exercises. Boohoo why are you coming back to this??


    1. You make me realize I have made a colossal mistake and I should be staying here!!!! Sadly we’ve spent so much f…… money to get out of here we can’t change it again. It will however be wonderful to reconnect with our local friends. Perhaps, once we are done our isolation you might want to come and visit us?


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