Killing Time

Given we are trying to social distance and in some ways, isolate ourselves, we have been taking advantage of the availability to the great outdoors and enjoying walks, hikes, and spending time with our friends here who are in exactly the same boat.  Combine that with packing,  both boxes that will remain behind and suitcases to go home, and the hours are disappearing throughout the day with little effort.

Yesterday, Thursday, Laurie and myself headed into the Faro Beach to enjoy a lengthy walk along the shoreline and zigzagged our way back through the tiny fishing village towards the car.

As is always the reality, there are flowers blooming everywhere, even in the sand dunes.

We both enjoyed the walk so much we literally forgot all about the current situation in the world.   Wonderful.   One of my favourite shots of our jaunt.


Our friends who, like us, have not been able to leave here yet, have all done exactly what we are doing in terms of isolating.  Given this, our friend Diane called us all up and proposed to prepare a spaghetti dinner for all of us and to serve it at our place given we have space.  Delighted to have another diversion and a visit with our friends Marc jumped on board and prepared two desserts to accompany the meal.  What a fun evening it was and what great food.

Today was looking a bit gray but the prediction was 19 degrees and a slight chance of preception which gave us the confidence to head off an enjoy a hike up São Miguel.  A quick email to Pat and Gary, a confirmation from them then the arrival of André, Laurie and myself hopped in the car and off we went.  Marc has been dismantling all his art in order to get it home and was close to finishing so opted to stay at home and get that done.

Another,  and likely our last, fabulous hike together.  I think one of the things that really gave me pleasure today, besides being together with friends, was to stumble on two tiny orchids that I thought were done for the season.  Patricia spotted the first one and me the second.

And as another day settles into evening for us here in the Algarve we all remain grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be “distracted” in such a wonderful place, to be able to say that all of our loved ones remain healthy and to know that (whether we want to or not) we will all soon be home on native soil.  Keep well everyone.

6 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. Great photos once again ! The appetizer spread looks delicious. So, nice you got together for a meal & hike before you return home.


    1. We are all being very responsible and staying away from everyone and everything…….getting together last night is probably not the definition of social distancing but……..I’m happy we do this sort of thing.


  2. It is good to see all of you looking so fit and well. Take care of yourselves, stay healthy and enjoy the warm weather and flowers while you can. Safe travels!


    1. Thanks Andrea. A very rainy day here today but desperately needed. I think it matches a lot of moods at this particular point. We are all keeping sane, staying in touch with each other and trying to enjoy our last few days in this beautiful country. Home soon. Stay safe.


  3. Some very beautiful photos and memories! The flowers are so colourful and preaching spring…soon here, my daffodils are up 4 inches! Glad you can all enjoy each other’s company and hike to your heart’s content. We have a gorgeous, sunny day here, +2 degrees C….it’s creeping up! xoxo


    1. We are certainly going to miss all the wildflowers. I think that they give me so much more pleasure than groomed and manicured flower beds. Of course, we will miss the sunshine also!


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