Only Eleven More Sleeps!!!

If you pay attention today you can feel winter starting to sneak in. I enjoyed a long lovely hike this morning, just over 12 km, and in places that the sun hadn’t yet kissed the ground, you could still see the light frost and as you walked over the earth, hear the slight crunch underfoot. I enjoyed every moment of it but most especially as soon we will be able to leave it behind, hopefully before the first snow fall, and return to the lovely temperatures and landscape we love in our Portuguese home away from home.

We have a busy week in front of us with last minute appointments, haircuts, a few necessary phone calls, and a couple of last minute, and pleasurable, engagements to officially say adieu to some close friends. Lists are made, and like Santa, we are checking them twice!! We’ve done this so often however that it really is a bit rote and anything we forget we can either purchase or, if it’s something from Canada that we can’t live without, such as maple syrup!!! we simply contact friends who will be arriving later than us and hope they have a little space left in their luggage. Nobody has ever denied us in the past!

Marc has created a spreadsheet of all the arrival and departure information for our friends who will be arriving and we are delighted to know that so many of them, like us, feel safe and confident regarding travel to Portugal. I’m already planning hikes and of course…my birthday in February!!!

Thanks to all of you who sent me notes of encouragement regarding my blog and agreeing to stay connected I will look forward to any comments you might wish to share and/or a simply friendly note from time to time. I love hearing from each and every one of you.

Take care, stay safe. Marc and I hope that winter is mild for all of you who stay put. You’ll hear from us soon.

17 thoughts on “Only Eleven More Sleeps!!!

  1. Well, there you are. Time is ticking down and I can detect the excitement and energy in the preparations. Looking forward to your blog; living vicariously through it. That is, until I arrive!!! Let’s toast to safe travels. Take care of yourselves.

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    1. And you know we’ll be living the full life BUT counting down the days till you and Gary arrive


  2. Bon voyage…soon!!


    1. Thanks Ken…….will be thinking of you and Bonnie


  3. Safe travels and have a lovely winter in Portugal.


    1. Thanks……I hope you too get somewhere warm for part of the time!


  4. Safe travels and wishes for much joy over the winter months in Portugal. Look forward to your posts. Take good care. Colleen


  5. Pauline Biggs (Born) November 12, 2021 — 2:39 am

    I am happy that you and Marc are going back to enjoy your winter home in Portugal. I am envious and look forward to seeing your posts on the blog. Enjoy


    1. Thanks Pauline. You too have a great winter.


  6. Good morning Randy & Marc,

    I would love to stay on your contact list for your winter blog. I do enjoy seeing Portugal vicariously. All the best for an easy relocate and upcoming adventures. Eileen


    1. Thanks Eileen, maybe we’ll see you back there some day?


  7. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Portugal. Looking forward to reading all about your hikes and excursions. Take care…Erika


  8. Here in sunny Portugal we are anxiously awaiting for all of our Canadian friends , lots of love and save travelings to Portugal


    1. Very soon my friend…..only 10 more sleeps and off we go!!!


  9. Safe travels to you & Marc as you head off to Portugal! Looking forward to your blog posting as I enjoy my coffee. Or tea each morning. Love you guys!


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