I’m Bruised from Pinching Myself!

Another glorious day in our Portuguese paradise. I’ve decided that this blog will be a Covid free zone. I will not mention anything about the subject and will stay away from anything related to it. Simply to say to family and friends up front, we are wearing masks, taking all precautions, feel incredibly safe and our decision to come here was based on fact therefore: having made an “informed decision” we are thrilled to be here and will enjoy every moment.

We are both aware that the jet lag this time around seems to be hanging on a bit longer than we recall from previous visits. Selective memory? Consequently we are keeping a low profile, moving at a pace that is comfortable for both of us, and taking the time to absorb every sun ray, each breathtaking vista, and paying attention to “be in the moment”. We are two happy people, that’s for sure.

I enjoyed a casual poke around town this morning exploring a few of the side roads we did not have the time to venture down yesterday. Marc stayed at home to catch up on a few things and take a couple of videos he was wanting to make.

A few of the locals waved at me and called out a friendly Olá. I love that they recognize me from past visits, it makes me feel welcomed and officially here. As I mentioned yesterday, things haven’t changed a whole lot.

This is a close up blossom of the tree in the header of the blog. And yes, the sky is THAT blue!
Imagine this jacaranda tree when it was in full flower…….beautiful blue blossoms against the green foliage.

I enjoyed a walk around the cemetary, something I find relaxing and somewhat zen.

The town feels abnormally quiet to me at this time but again, I think it’s simply the time of year and the fact that fewer tourists are about. I’m not complaining, it is very agreeable to wander alone like this.

I have been visiting this woman’s grave site for five years now. I find her quite beautiful and I wonder what her story was. I don’t usually take photos in the cemetery but today I found myself going back with the intent of taking this photo. I didn’t question it.

Marc and I headed to the square after lunch and were delighted to bump into old friends, Susie and Gus. We enjoyed a bica and a visit, how much fun it was to catch up and enjoy a few new laughs.

Taking a short-cut to home through the Pousada property
I love the use of pink in the Portuguese world.
One of the Pousada gates. Everything is locked up like Methuselah’s tomb!
They boys and their first selfie.
I will never tire of this vista.

We had made arrangements to drive into Olhão, about 10 km from us, and meet with Ana and Simão. Hugs were had!!!!! What an enjoyable reconnection after this past 19 months. We sat by the sea on a patio and enjoyed a gin & tonic, wonderful conversation, and within a few minutes it felt as if we had simply seen each other yesterday. The pleasure of great relationships.

And now we’re back home, fire blazing, music entertaining, dinner simmering, the house filled with all the things, those creature comforts we never take for granted that warm our souls and make us pinch ourselves, one more time.

This, the view that we had as we got out of our car at home. We stood for a moment to take it all in before walking arm in arm down the driveway to home.

19 thoughts on “I’m Bruised from Pinching Myself!

  1. Ahh, my Boys. Having a few years on you both I can attest to the fact that jet lag increases with age! I was 70 on my last trip and definitely found it took a few more recovery days!

    Please add a hug from me for both Gus & Sue and Ana & Simao next time you see them, please.

    Also, lovely to have a Covid free conversation for a change!! Yay.


    1. We will most certainly hand out hugs on your behalf. Big Hug coming your way!


  2. Those shots are gorgeous..the yellow flowers shot especially and the last one of the setting sun…..sigh…


    1. Wish you could be here to enjoy them in person.


  3. What a delightful description of your day! The woman in the cemetery is quite beautiful, I love walking around cemeteries, especially in Europe. As I shiver in the 2 degrees celsius misty rain, I envy your beautiful sun and light-jacket weather!


    1. One of these days I would delight in sharing with you some of our beautiful Estoi in person!


  4. Great photos! Glad you guys are getting back out there and hope you continue to have a wonderful trip! Xo


    1. Thanks Adam. Maybe some day you could come and visit us here and we could share with you why we love it so much.


  5. Lovely.


    1. Thanks Ken……were your ears burning today??


  6. Well…I am so thrilled for you both. Don’t you find there’s always something growing, flowering, poking it’s way through the soil. Discovering and rediscovering….when’s the first beach day??


    1. Yes, always something colourful to brighten the day. Tomorrow is probably Olhao market and maybe Fuzeta afterwards, which would include the beach. We’ll see.


    2. Yes, Mother Nature continues to give us such pleasure. Olhao market tomorrow and maybe Fuzeta after…depends on energy.


  7. I believe the yellow flower is Allamanda as we know it from our years in the Caribbean. ( and Florida)
    The woman you visit in the cemetery looks young, and yes beautiful.
    I love Marc’s pink hoodie.
    How lovely to meet up with friends and pick up where you left off.
    Continue to enjoy! XO


    1. I think you’re correct on that flower although with the trees being so enormous I wasn’t certain. We are wallowing in one pleasure after another.


  8. So happy for you both🤗

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Thanks Pam. It felt so good to get on that plane and leave winter behind!


  9. Wow … Superbe vos photos !!!
    Passez du Beau Temps ensemble et continuer à partager ces beaux Snaps ….
    Enjoy the Weather and The Beauty of Portugal …

    Au cas tu te demandes c’est qui … Frantz de Entrepôt du Bambou !!!


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