Market Day in Olhão

Our first Saturday here in the Algarve and traditionally on Saturday morning it’s off to market we go. The sense of joy and freedom we experienced being there today is indescribable. There were some obvious differences from past visits, less vendors, less tourists, less congestion but overall the ambience and “joie de vivre” was completely the same experience. I think our faces will be aching for the balance of the day from the constant smiling!

Our view as we parked to walk to the market.
Our first stop was to pick up our favourite bread. We cannot go there without thinking of our friends Bela and Harald, who introduced us to the place.

We took our time and enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the entire market before making our choices of goodies for the day. Our friend Gwen McCauley was right beside us in spirit. It’s thanks to her that we discovered this wonderful Saturday morning ritual…we long for the day when she is able to travel here again and accompany us on countless new adventures!

We walked back to the car and deposited our goodies in the trunk then headed, on foot, to the nearby grocery for a few “essentials”. Overjoyed to find that the Christmas specials on vino has already commenced. Here are two of our favourites…..just notice the actual price and the discount! We have six bottles in our emergency stash!

As we headed back to the car, and the short trip to home, we came upon a fisherman drying, and selling some of his fish. I’m not certain what kind of fish it is but it smelled wonderful to me, salty, tangy, and most importantly, fresh.

By the time we arrived at home it was close to 13h00 and we were two hungry boys. We always keep a couple of frozen pizza’s in the freezer for just such occasions and Marc whipped them up in no time while I cleaned off the table and chairs on the terrace. It certainly tasted like a feast to us, ravenous as we were!

Our purchases for today, a total of 10 €

We have a free afternoon to do whatever makes us happy…, I’m 90% finished the latest book (State of Terror) by Louise Penny and Hilary Clinton……I know what I’m up to for sure. Marc is playing on his computer for the moment. But before I go an amusing tale.

Here in the Algarve are many varieties of owls. One in particular is called the Little Owl.

They are the most common owl in Portugal and as its name suggests, the Little Owl is small in stature at just 22cm in length with a wingspan of 56cm. Weighing in at just 180 grams. It’s a plump-looking bird with a short tail. The Portuguese name is Mocho-galego. They make a sound that, to me, is reminiscent of a tiny kitten calling out to it’s mother. Well I woke at 2h40 and it was because there was a tiny fellow outside our bedroom window, very near the homing pigeon cage and causing them to go up several octaves from their normal zen sounding coo. It simply made me smile as I lay there and listened to him for about half an hour. I suspect he was trying to figure out how to get into that cage!!

14 thoughts on “Market Day in Olhão

  1. Great read as we wait to board our flight. Loved the owl story and your purchases looked yummy. The fruit and vegs at market look inviting and fresh. Enjoy your day!


  2. Wonderful. Miss the Saturday market.


  3. I love, love markets in Europe! The wind was so cold this morning when I went out walking Max, and then to read your blog, I am so envious!


    1. Don’t be envious……we’ll raise our glass to you this evening and toast warmer weather for your future!


  4. What a glorious looking day! And the apartment is working out well for you guys….is the terrace on the street side of the villa??


    1. Yes, there are two on the street side and the small one at the top of the stairs near the entrance. All three are quiet and the one off the dining area is perfect for breakfast…sunny and warm.


  5. Love reading about your adventures. Someday I hope to visit Portugal but your pictures and stories are ok for now.


    1. Please feel free to use me as a resource……..


  6. Gorgeous photos, nothing like the markets in Portugal. Oh, tell Marc I really like his pink hoodie!


  7. Slice me a piece of that bread, please! I am salivating! I am totally transported back to the Olhao Market, sounds, sights, and smells are marvellous! Nothing to make you feel like home than wandering around familiar places, recounting memories and dining in the sunshine! Good on you!


    1. It is always such a treat to be there. We have so many wonderful memories of visits there with so many folks. You included.


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