Taking Care of Business

This morning we had determined we would take a jaunt to Portimão, about 60 km from us. Portimao has a pretty harbour front and historic centre but it is a major city, without the Portuguese charm of many other Algarve destinations.  Our reason for going, Marc is having an exhibition there in February and we wanted to know first off if it was still going ahead (it is) and to have a first hand look at the exhibition space (not bad at all).

Marc enjoyed a delightful conversation with a couple of young woman who work there while I wandered around part of the neighbourhood to eek out anything that might be of interest.

Near our parking I discovered a ceramic school for children and was tickled to see that they had decorated one of the main fence walls with tiles from a couple of the early graduating classes.

Inside the gated school yard I could see several very large murals of tiles on the walks of various buildings. This one I was able to capture with my zoon.

While waiting for Marc I wandered around and spotted a few things that I found interesting.

This window was on the 3rd or 4th level of a very old building. I was intrigued with the creative way they blocked out the access to the window.
Christmas is very present in all the villages and towns we’ve been in since arriving. No exception here today.

Marc was occupied for about half an hour and once done we decided to take a stroll down to the harbour of the Arade River. It was fun to wander a bit aimlessly, not really knowing where we were pointed but following our noses, which often leads to water.

Our “business” taken care of, a sojourn on a patio beside the harbour for a bica, an hour or so stroll around town and we were ready to head back the old highway for home. We had determined that we would stop part way for lunch and with that goal in mind, off we headed.

No photo of our lunch today BUT, did we luck out. We stopped in a small roadside place we had stumbled on a couple of years ago and their prato do dia was one of our very favourites……bochechas de porco (pork cheeks). A generous portion, tender, succulent, melt in the mouth goodness. I refer to it as the “porno lunch” given the sounds we were making.

On the final leg of the drive we rounded a bend in the road and there in front of us……the most beautiful, in full bloom, silk floss tree!

Ceiba speciosa, the floss silk tree, is a species of deciduous tree native to the tropical and subtropical forests of South America. It has several local common names, such as palo borracho or árbol del puente, samu’ũ or paineira.
A closer look at the blossoms
Marc posed for me in order to help give a perspective of how big the tree is.

Another wonderful day winding down for us. We were chatting earlier about how relaxed we are when here, how our days seem to take on a life of their own with an easy routine, effortless activities, and before we know it, it’s late afternoon and the sun is starting to set. Already a full week today!!!!!

Ter uma grande noite

12 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. Gorgeous pics. Would hate to be trying to open the painted doors on the building after a few glasses of wine!😁


    1. Hahaha. It was fun to wander around Portimão…reminded us of why we never like to go there.


  2. Hi Randy my son Jeff is thinking about wintering overseas somewhere when he retires April 2023. and Portugal is of interest to him…Can you believe it and his Mom still so young😊 I’ve told him all about your love of Portugal and your blog…he would like to be included..how do we go about him reading your blog?



    1. Just send him the link, tell him to click on “follow”, put in his email address then go to his email and confirm. Also, happy to answer any questions for him…just give him my email address. canadianboystravel.ca


  3. The best Arroz pato I’ve ever eaten I had was at a place in Portimao! If you’d like I can try to find out the name for you for the next time you visit!


  4. You know I can’t remember visiting the old Portamão…looks so lovely. Love the art on the buildings. The restaurant…was it the one that had suckling pig??


    1. I’m not sure you’ve been to Portamão. It’s really not lovely….so many huge apartment towers…I avoided photographing those. Nope, not that restaurant, another called A Pippa…..we were there with (we think) Laurie.


  5. Love the pics – especially the tiles done by the school children.


  6. Lovely photos today…again! The silk floss tree vaguely resembles our magnolias from a distance…very pretty! Your pork cheeks had me salivating, even without a photo. I don’t remember Portimao, except maybe in 2013?


    1. You were never in Portimao…..it’s a place we usually drive pass. I told Marc that yesterdays cheeks were probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Sublime!


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