Beach Bums

Although there was a gypsy market in Moncarapacho today we opted instead to head to the Faro Beach. Next Sunday, being the second Sunday of the month, the Estoi market will be happening and we would much sooner walk down through the village and peruse that particular market. It’s always been our favourite.

The Praia de Faro is a beautiful sandy beach which extends for 10 km. We enjoyed a lovely walk basking in the sunshine and breathing deeply of the sea air.

There really isn’t much more to say about our day except to let the few photos speak for themselves. Sadly my camera battery died shortly after we arrived but, a few photos is better than none at all!

And yes, there were a few people in the water.

It didn’t take him long to dive in. A much braver man that I am!

We wandered westward for about 3 km or so then veered off and eventually wound our way down into the small fishing village that hugs the land between the beach and the “mainland” side. Not a soul in sight, we virtually had the boardwalk to ourselves and the occasional dog, seemingly bored with our presence as the ignored us totally.

Something we love to do from time to time while visiting the Faro Beach is to head to Wax Restobar, and it’s wonderful seaside terrace. It almost doesn’t matter what you eat as the view is amazing but happily the food is great also. We had determined that with it being Sunday it was most probably going to be packed and therefore figured, let’s walk by, check out the sign for open/closed and come back some day during the week. We walked up to the terrace and the waiter nodded to us that the place was packed, which we expected however, just as we turned to walk away a couple stood to leave and the waiter called to us…..propitious? You’d better believe it.

And here we are yet again. The day is closing around us as the sun moves lower in the sky casting late afternoon/early evening shadows on the face of Mertola, the apartment next door to us. Our fire is blazing, the scent of orange flavoured bouillon filling the air (I see a risotto in our future), and as it’s shortly after 17h00, I do believe I will soon be hearing the sound of a cork popping. Want to join us for a cinq à sept????

12 thoughts on “Beach Bums

  1. Love the posts. Brings back so many good memories of the time we spent in Portugal.


    1. And helps you to look forward to next winter in Portugal????


  2. A fabulous way to spend a Sunday! Can’t imagine going for a dip, brave man. The beaches in the Algarve are beautiful, thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m with you. Can’t imagine dipping even my little toe in that water today!


  3. My MOST fab place to go for lunch. We must go together soon. Gonna be in the square tomorrow if you are oot ‘n’ aboot. Me.


    1. Excellent…..if we don’t go to Faro we will see you there


  4. So if I dared you would you plunge in with me? Love to join you for a 5 à 7, at 5 pm here!


    1. JUST raised our glasses to your health and your next trip!!!


  5. Relaxing day!! You were simply meant to relax on that patio for lunch today. It was in the cards.
    Beach looks beautiful!


    1. Yes, you’re right. It’s one of our favourite beaches here.


  6. I will be dreaming of the Faro Beach tonight, singing my heart out! LOL!!! And eatin a burger at Wax, best burger ever! I enjoyed your day! 🤗


    1. LOL. I thought of you directing the gulls and the waves when we were there yesterday!!! Marc had the burger and they have new buns, which he loves. Happily also, the prices at Wax were pretty well the same, a pleasant surprise.


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