We’ll be Coming up the Mountain When we Come

My wonderful, adorable husband surprised me again this morning when, after laundry, house-cleaning, and remaking the beds, announced that he would like to accompany me on my pre decided hike up the mountain. I believe he was possessed overnight!!!

I’ve been trying to find out the name of the small “mountain” range around the Estoi area and I believe it’s the Serra de Monte Figo. It extends along the municipalities of Olhão, Faro, Loulé and São Brás de Alportel, which in my estimation, includes Estoi as it sits in the middle of all of that. In any case, it will be for me!

This water mill has been completely refurbished since our last trip. The land around it has been cleared and a coat of paint applied. Next time we head out that way I’m going to climb up and test it out.
The aloe vera is flowering and I find it wonderfully exotic.
What goes up must come down……..only with a much rockier and unstable surface!
He looks just like a Portuguese shepherd who has lost his flock!!!
I love to visit this particular colmeias de abelhas. The field all around it is filled with wild thyme, it should start growing and blooming soon. If you stand still, all you can hear are the bees at work and today, I swear, I could smell the honey.

This was our view as we neared the top. That’s the Atlantic off in the distance and small villages between Estoi and Olhão

Both of us enjoyed every moment of the hike and by the time we wound our way back down the mountain and into the village square, we had accomplished 7,40 km. I’m very proud of Marc as I know that walking is not his favourite thing and he is doing this for me. It hasn’t gone unnoticed!

We ended up in the square in Estoi shortly after noon, which is a bit early for lunch here however the prato do dia appealed to us and we were ravenous. Also, our friends Susie and Gus were supposed to stop by and we wanted to have a visit with them. Sadly we had to cut it short as we had to go to Faro to run an errand but, we will see them again soon.

Pyracantha coccinea, the scarlet firethorn is the European species of firethorn or red firethorn that has been cultivated in gardens since the late 16th century. The tree has small white flowers. It produces small, bright red berries. Its leaves are slightly toothed and grow opposite to one another.  It’s quite prolific here in the Algarve.
Always a new perspective on the Pousada

It’s been another glorious day for us even if our afternoon errand did turn out to be a colossal waste of time. It was wasted time standing in the Portuguese sunshine, daydreaming as we looked up and the clear blue sky we have come to love and chatting with each other. Now that I’ve written that, I see it wasn’t wasted at all!!

p.s the feature shot today is of swallows nests…….soon they will return in abundance and as they will return to previous nests, it’s nice to see they all haven’t been knocked down.

6 thoughts on “We’ll be Coming up the Mountain When we Come

  1. On such a rainy day here and the feeling of sadness I always have on December 6th, the lovely sunshine, blue sky and the wonderful bright orange in several of the photos has lifted my spirits. Thank you friends.


    1. Big Hugs to you on this December 6th. I’m so happy that my blog has brought you joy. You following it brings me joy!


  2. Ola MBB’s, was great to see you both again – short visit but spent most of it laughing. It’s the quality not the quantity that brings the most joy. Catch up again soon. Big hugs. Us.


    1. We felt badly leaving so soon but you know what we were going to do so I know you forgive us. We did not have any success but we’ll tell you about it when we see you.


  3. Gary and I really find this hike lovely; so quiet and lots to grab your attention. All those jaunts and visits to beaches will bless the days ahead.


    1. Just back from Sao Miguel! You were right beside me all the way.


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