Fortnight Fever!

It seems impossible for us to realize that we have already been here for two week and I hadn’t yet found the time to hike up São Miguel. When I woke this morning I thought about that and made a decision that today was the day, and what a perfect day it was for such activity.

Marc decided to stay at home as he was feeling creative, both in the art department and in soup making!!! Dinner tonight will undoubtedly taste divine.

I guess because I was alone and fairly quiet, not that I don’t occasionally chatter to myself, the birds were frequently caught off guard by my presence. I saw so many grouse (tetraz) today yet impossible to catch with my camera. I saw signs of rabbits in several places but not a coelho in sight.

Not that I need it but….proof I made it all the way to the top. With all my side roads and exploring I covered 7.85 km.
The bike paths and a few of the trails have been signed clearly and hikers can have an idea of difficulty before heading off on one of the trails. I like some of the names they’ve given them!

I totally enjoyed my morning and although I was in it for the exercise, I did take the time to sit and relax, to breath in the air, and take in the view . For as many times as I’ve hiked it over the years, I never tire of any aspect of it. Marc knows that if I go before he does he is to take my cremains and sprinkle them from the top of this place. That thought gives me great pleasure!

I arrived home to the heavenly scent of Marc’s soup, a beautiful new oeuvre d’art drying in the sunshine, and a face, happy to see me. How much better can it get!

We decided to head into Moncarapacho and enjoy lunch in the square, soak up the sun and ambience, and relax for a bit.

How happy I was when I reviewed the prato do dia menu and discovered that one of the specials was Biqueirão em vinagre, fresh anchovies in vinaigrette. Be still my heart! My tastebuds are still dancing these many hours later. Needless to say, a basket of Portuguese bread was quickly ordered as well and by the time I was finished the plate could have simply been placed back in the cupboard it was that clean!!

I had mentioned the other day that a wine we quite like, that usually sells for 1,99 € and was on sale for 1,79 €. It’s only available at Intermarche, and there happens to be one in Moncarapacho.

Our cart…….six vino, piri piri sauce, 20 fresh chicken wings, two bars of soap, and a large piece of Queijo de São Jorge 28 €

From there we simply headed home as it as just after 15h00 and the sky was starting to fill with clouds. Apparently there is a storm front just north of here which will possibly gift us a couple of cloudy days. We made one small stop along our route and came upon a large hedge of my favourite yellow/white lantana. I imagine a yard full of this as I sit sipping my morning coffee. I can dream can’t I?

14 thoughts on “Fortnight Fever!

  1. Lovely your grocery shopping with a priority on wine!😁


    1. LOL. We decided to stock up given the great deal!!!


  2. We must have just missed you on your way home. We went to the cafe to celebrate Sylvia’s birthday with a huge bag of oranges, clementines and avocado Conceicao had given me yesterday. They will not go to waste. Was home just after 3.30 with the fire roaring. Keep warm Cuddle up and enjoy your wine. Hugs. Us.


    1. We too have a fire on and I’m just about to start a new book. Tea is my beverage of choice right now!! Big Hugs


  3. Envious of your walk, the weather looked lovely. Quite the haul for 28€! We too have the fireplace on but that’s because it’s -5 and lightly snowing, ugh! Continue to enjoy your paradise.


    1. There are so many possibilities here with many new trails being signed all the time. I prefer loops, especially when I have to drive to get to them however more often than not, it’s in and out. Not complaining, it’s all wonderful. Stay warm.


  4. Start counting how many trips to São Miguel you’ll be making this trip. It’s always a grand hike with the amazing view. Take care.


    1. I am labeling my daily photos with much more detail this trip. I can tell in a glance each hike!


  5. I absolutely love reading your blog. Your pictures make me feel like I am there. I can’t get over how blue the sky seems to be all the time. Look forward to your next hike.


    1. I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog, and following along. And yes, the sky is that blue. It’s one of the many things that I love about this place.


  6. Just got some photos from a friend’s walk in south of France (near Olonzac) and what you called “Mendrohno” she called ‘Arboursier’ both translated to Strawberry Tree! Hers had some fruit that she said was quite good. Love the hike! Maybe we should get mountain bikes if we ever get to Portugal?? (not my favourite bike ride).


    1. Most people here use regular, or electric bikes. The mountain bikes are truly just that, up in the mountains on VERY rugged paths. You’ll be good with your usual bike I’m certain, especially given what great shape you are in.


  7. Hi Randy,
    Clearly it seems that you have settled back in the Algarve like you never left there. You sound very relaxed and happy. Hoping you have many more wonderful days like the one you just described. Thanks, as always, for sharing it with us.


    1. Thanks Andrea, yes we are incredibly content and happy here. The constant sunshine, cherry disposition of the Portuguese, great food, and the freedom we feel here is just what our souls need right now.


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