Sleepless in Estoi!

I was wakened at around 3h15 from a lovely deep sleep to the sound of frantic doves, hysterically cooing. Once I tuned in I realized behind the cooing there was also the persistent hooting of what sounded like a large owl. He sounded persistent and a little aggressive. At first I found it charming and took some delight in all the nocturnal activity that I felt privy to hearing but I can assure you, after 45 minutes of listening I was hoping that the owl would simply devour the doves and get it over with!!! I’ve determined that if it happens again I will simply go out on the terrace and try to scare them all off. I need my beauty rest!! Marc slept like a baby through it all.

The morning was sunny and clear although it appears we had rain overnight, which is desperately needed. We had decided to head out early after breakfast and drive near the Faro Airport to enjoy the hike along the Ria Formosa pathway. A perfect choice, both in terms of location and also going early. There were a few people yet we had moments where we were all alone and able to enjoy the tranquility. A perfect day for bird watching also.

There was an early morning breeze but had already reached 15 degrees, which means it wasn’t long before the jackets came off.

The path wound along the sea side for quite some distance, actually you can continue for many miles but, we turned at a particular point and headed towards a very heavily wooded area which would eventually wind it’s way down to the salt piles. across the salt flats and back towards the car.

By this time it was about 18 degrees, the wind had settled, which made it feel warmer, and we had been walking for about 90 minutes. Time to head back to the car and maybe give some consideration to lunch.

This past several days we have noticed a lovely tortoise shell cat who lives near our parking. I coo and whisper to her and she is getting a little less skittish with me. Today she sat in the sun by our gate and didn’t scoot off. I told Marc that in another few days I’ll be tickling her under the chin. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Sleepless in Estoi!

  1. Another great description of your day. Photos so calming and evocative of the Algarve at this time of year. Many more fantastic days and weeks to come. Boa noite. Us with hugs.


    1. I love, and appreciate your comments. Boa noite. Ate logo!


  2. we walked along this trail as well and really enjoyed it. And the flamingos are already there! Is that early for them? Lovely revisiting these places with you guys. I hope we can enjoy them side by side!


    1. You can count on doing this one again. Next time I will walk much further to check out the new boardwalk. Maybe take a lunch.


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