Where Does the Time Go?

We have already been here for three weeks as of tomorrow morning, which is impossible to take in as it truly feels as if we just got here. That said, when I look at the blog postings I can’t believe how much we’ve been doing in the time we have been here.

Today we had determined we would take care of a few things around the house, head off for a mountain road walk we like to do from time to time, and in the afternoon head to Castro Marim where Marc had a rendezvous set up with a fellow artist, Jorge.

Our walk was wonderful as there was a slight breeze, some cloud, which kept the temperature a little lower than it has been, therefore good for the uphill parts of our walk. It turned out to be all about flowers, well almost.

We enjoy these excursions as it gives us time to chat and catch-up on individual things we might be working on, we laugh a lot, and this trip in particular, we find ourselves reminiscing quite a bit. In any case, they are certainly soul nurturing.

One of the things we enjoy about this trail is that we have discovered a lovely “short cut” that keeps us off the main roads and practically dumps us right back in the middle of the village. It goes us an opportunity to see “what’s new” since the last time we took a given route. Today, a few things.

By the time we arrived at home we’d made a decision to head off to Castro Marim early, have lunch at a place we knew, then find the Castro Marim Golf and Country Club…no less…where we were to meet Jorge.

Lunch was wonderful and the mountain road up the golf course was winding, narrow, and just the sort of adventure we like. The building itself resembled a modern sort of castle, but boring and nondescript! (In my opinion) and did not warrant a photo. The grounds however were another story.

And finally, these two beauties caught my eye. The first (orange) is about the size of a small green pea. It was the flower of a succulent. The second, part of the large bush that is the main photo for this blog today. Both gorgeous.

And that’s how our day went. We’ve just finished dinner, the fire is blazing, our jazz is playing, and we have the evening in front of us to do whatever our hearts desire.

Até a próxima vez!

10 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Love that you capture so much of the flora, architecture including the hardware. It is fun to look at and that house, love how the front extends right through to the back.


    1. A true fixer upper! With built in air conditioning


  2. Wow, three weeks already? Freda said “I’d take it!” When looking at the picture of the cleaned up house for sale.


    1. Tell Freda I love her sense of adventure. We might have to fight over it however as I too love it!


  3. Wonderful pictures as usual. Love the doors.


    1. Thanks Connie……as you can tell, I’m a happy man!


  4. Another lovely day in paradise…great pics. Wow 3 weeks already.


    1. Time is flying by! This “living every moment” is exhausting. LOL


  5. Okay, so that house has your names all over it. How fun to put your own touches inside. My passion of course!
    I absolutely love the Datura! So delicate looking and gorgeous! Hard to believe 3 weeks have passed. Jorge is, I believe, the artist whose works I love. Marc has posted a few I believe.
    Keep on having fun!!


    1. If only we had the time, money, and energy to take on a project like that! Yes, same Jorge…I thought of you yesterday as he has about 19 pieces hanging in the Golf Club. I told Marc you would love them.


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