A Day at Home Sweet Home

This morning I had an amusing experience and it reminded me of another amusing experience that was somewhat similar.

I went to our local butcher, who is about a 3 minute walk from the house, as we had decided to order a local fresh turkey for Christmas rather than the commercial grocery stores. Armed with my few Portuguese words I headed off. Thank goodness there are only two people permitted in the store at a time! I waited my turn and suddenly my mind went blank. I mixed up a bunch of French, English, and perhaps one Portuguese word and the butcher, she just smiled at me with a puzzled look and I could see, a determination to understand me. For anybody who knows me well, I speak with my hands and my body as much as my mouth so……following some wing flapping, the correct word for turkey in Portuguese (peru), and I think just maybe a gobble or two, and my order was placed. Let’s see what I actually get on December 23rd!

Years ago I was in Spain with wonderful friends and we were in the north Basques country. We had heard of a small butcher shop in a village near where we were staying and one day we headed there, me armed with the Spanish word for “leg of lamb”. There was a line-up when we arrived and we took our place to wait. It took a while and finally I was next. I had waited so long, and was so nervous that when the butcher spoke to me my mind went completely blank. I looked back at him and the only thing that came out of my mouth was “baaaaah baaah”. He looked quite startled for a moment but smiled and said No baaaah today!

There you have my silly memories.

Marc was occupied today with administrivia for a few of his projects and to give him some peace and quiet in which to work without distraction, I headed off on a lovely walk in and around the village with the understanding we would meet in the square at 13h00 for lunch.

When I was a small kid in Newfoundland the only place I had ever seen these trees was in a Sunday school book so they were for me, and have continued to be, called…..Jesus Trees!
The children have decorated this orange tree, in the schoolyard, for Christmas.

There is a celebration here on May 1st called Festa Da Pinha which is quite amazing to see. Today I noticed a plaque, that I have seen many times over the years but only today realized it is a memorial to this tradition. You’ll have to wait till my May 1st blog to learn more about it!!!

And finally. I promised myself no food photos this year but……todays prato da dia was Bacalhau assado no forno com batatas e pimento (salt cod with peppers roasted in the oven. I think it’s worthy of a closing photo!

These potatoes are like eating candy…caramelized and golden. The salt of the cod fish tangy but for me, not overwhelming. With a cold beer and a hot bica right after………contented was I.

15 thoughts on “A Day at Home Sweet Home

  1. No baaaa today 😂

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    1. It’s still one of the funniest moments in my life!!


  2. Hilarious post. I would line and order of “baaaaaa……baaaaaaa”.


    1. I must confess, every time I think back on that story I immediately laugh. Such wonderful memories. Really wish you guys were coming here this year.


      1. I checked in to a hotel in Quebec while motorcycling several years ago. I wanted a ground level room with a sliding door where I could park my bike outside where I could see it.
        Being cocky at the moment I asked in French at the fir t dedk if I could park my bike outside of the room….or that is what I thought I had asked. Lady at front desk chuckled and asked in English. ….”you want to park your bike in your room”?😁😁 Ha….I think I got the translation wrong. I can relate to your story.

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  3. Too funny…and I’m still laughing! It reminded me of when on two separate occasions I was served a Coors Lite at a local bar in Fuseta when trying to order coffee with milk 🙃🙂🤣


    1. That’s hilarious. You’ve never told me that before. It’s almost as bad as the time Marc ordered “mayo” in a small cafe in the mountains and we got two cappuccinos!!


  4. That’s hilarious. I can picture you with your arms and hands flying a mile a minute and turning red at the same time.


    1. You’re absolutely correct. I think I blushed more than I ever have. Can’t wait to see what I get on the 23rd


  5. Oh…I love the stories. I knew that lamb one was going to be told again; I saw it coming.it looks wonderfully summerish there. There’s a stiff cold north wind here today with multi white caps on the water. Burrr! Your block warms the cockles of our hearts.


    1. I knew you’d smile at that one given you were there to witness it. I thought of you today when ordering the turkey. Yes, lovely, warm, and sunny here. There is a little rain in the forecast in a few days but that too could change. Big hugs


  6. Thanks for the ‘bababa’ memory today. When you started with your turkey story, it immediately brought back memories of you trying to order lamb & a great laugh. We had a great laugh that day! LOL! Good memories!


    1. We sure did laugh at that didn’t we? What marvelous memories.


  7. Omg you made my night with your shenanigans. I laughed out loud. Xo


    1. I’m happy I could bring a smile to you! Hope all is good in your world. Hugs and Merry Christmas


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