Wind, Waves, and Woctupus!!!

The Praia do Barril is one of the finest beaches of the eastern Algarve, it’s a great place for a beach walk, providing pristine white sands and crystal-clear sea waters. Today, although warm, was windy, the waves were constant and soothing in their steady rhythm. Also, perhaps because the wind was up, the fresh salty smell was more pronounced than usual. We loved it.

No photos to prove it BUT…..spur of the moment we decided to stop at Santa Luzia, a delightful fishing village on the eastern Algarve, which is famed for octopus.  We sat at our favourite restaurant there, Casa do Polvo Tasquinha, and treated ourselves to a wonderful octopus lunch, and for me a crisp icy cold vinho verde. We feel very privileged at this moment in time.

Ficar seguro

6 thoughts on “Wind, Waves, and Woctupus!!!

  1. Lovely beach. One of our favourites!


    1. It felt like a private paradise today! I smirked when I saw the sign for the nude beach……..not with todays wind!


  2. Lovely blog today! That beach is so beautiful & I loved the little shuttle ride. Santa Luzia is such a quaint fishing village. You guys had a great day.


    1. Thanks Joan. We too love Barill Beach and go there as often as we can. The little train was running but we walked the km back and forth


  3. love the beach photos…I wish I had gone there when I was in the Algarve…looks lovely…octopus…not so much…


    1. Things to put on your list for next time!!!!


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