Our First Present of the Season!

This morning our friend, Joanne Letendre arrived in Lisboa. We are excited and looking forward to collecting her at the Faro train station later today. It’s wonderful to have her here for the holidays, and during the next couple of months. Joanne was lucky enough to be able to rent the Mertola apartment, right next door to us!

Bem-vindo Joanne.

Our forecast for the next few days is going to be very wet, that is, if the forecast is to be believed. Warm but wet, This morning I discovered that I had forgotten to pack us an umbrella and therefore while Marc was conjuring up a pot of fragrant chicken soup for dinner this evening, I headed off to the “Chinese market” in town to purchase one. At the last moment I grabbed my camera and am happy I did. The sky was, and remains, amazing.

This is the arch over her “garage door”

Squint and you can read which saint this is!

The village is very still today as the air is thick with humidity. It was already 18 degrees at 9 a.m.. I did see a few folks out picking up provisions, probably hoping to avoid going out for the next couple of days.

I walked for about 5 km then headed home, new umbrella in hand, to find Marc had finished the soup……I wish I could enclose the heavenly scent of the kitchen as I write this!, and I suggested a bica in the square, which was received with enthusiasm! Off we headed.

So many greetings, smiles, and friendly waves, both from open windows and folks we passed along the way. The people are certainly one of the primary reasons we continue to enjoy our time in Portugal and in particular, this small village that has always welcomed us with open arms.

This day also marks the day that Marc and I had decided to start playing Christmas music in the apartment. We chose a date, primarily to avoid been saturated with it over extended days. Marc had researched and found a series of amazing online stations, which we stream through our Bose, and the place is feeling quite festive as I sit here writing. He has also decorated the apartment with poinsettias, ribbons, pine boughs (we did not cut them, we found them already culled by a farmer cleaning his land), a few strands of lights, stockings and brightly coloured Christmas balls. Additionally he has made a lovely centerpiece for our table. Tis’ the season.

4 thoughts on “Our First Present of the Season!

  1. I also love that house. I bet the owner would be thrilled to show it off to you.
    What is the plant with all the beautiful orange blooms? It’s the last pic before your beautiful Christmas pics.
    Looks like you boys are ready for the holidays. I’m almost ready!


    1. It’s an orange trumpet vine. Very popular in this part of the Algarve, frequently used as a huge hedge near a fence or property line.


  2. Our Lady of Conception?
    Hope the much needed rains come but not too much! Don’t want you to have floods!


    1. You have good eyes…..that’s exactly who the Saint is. The same name as the woman who lives there! Still not raining and the skies over the mountains has actually cleared up. We desperately need some rain so….fingers crossed we get it. Stay warm!


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