You Don’t Have to Shovel Rain!

Finally we have rain, and from the looks of things, will for the next few days. It’s needed and as the title says, you don’t have to shovel it AND, as sweet as I am…..I won’t melt!!!

Following a breakfast of champions Marc headed to his atelier while Joanne and I hit the pavement. The sweet smell of the moisture filled air, the occasional waft of fragrant blossoms, and the simple pleasure of having a new walking companion, let’s just say I am a happy man.

This one should be captioned…..look at all the prickly things!!! We aren’t drowned but we certainly aren’t dry. Joanne is doing well with her jetlag.

Following a short jaunt around town we headed off down a small farm road, seldom used from the condition however, tranquil, not too muddy, and as always, something interesting to photograph.

As is typical in Portugal, most properties, especially in the country, have large dogs, yes plural, who bark at us constantly while we are in line with the fence. The moment we pass the end of the fence line, they stop. The continual joke is how frantically their tails wag while they appear to want to devour us! I don’t want to test any theory here but I expect if they were outside the fence they would run from us.

Once home the three of us determined it was a perfect day to drive to Churrasqueira Dinis and sit inside the partially/mostly enclosed terrace. A perfect decision for this rainy day. Warm and dry, great food (wild boar stew), vinho, hot dark coffee and more than a few chuckles. We lingered and enjoyed the time together as the weather encouraged that.

This huge datura tree in full bloom just outside the door of the restaurant. As you can see, the rain was not heavy at this point.

At present our music is making our hips move, the fire is making the place feel cozy and inviting. I have a large pot of bouillon simmering (turkey) as is my habit to supplement the gravy for “turkey day” and life as these two boys know it, is simply GRAND.

And as I look through the kitchen window, a happy blackbird is basking in it’s own personal shower, flapping it’s wings and tail!! Simple pleasures.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Shovel Rain!

  1. Yep….rain is better than snow. Enjoy.


    1. It’s coming down in sheets from time to time but despite that, we had an unexpected hour or so of lovely sunshine!


  2. I’m glad to hear that the rain is there! It’s so needed.
    Welcome to Joanne!!
    I want to know why you’ve decided to not include your food pictures this year!?!??!??!
    I loved seeing all the marvellous meals you had!
    I think you should reconsider.


    1. LOL. I suppose I could take photos of our food and send them to you separately? I feel because I’m eating the same things as other years it didn’t make sense to take photos. Yes, the rain is good for everything. Impossible to imagine but it’s greener after only one day!


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