Rain? What Rain?

As is usual here in the Algarve, December rains bring out the Bermuda Buttercup (Oxalis) in abundance. It’s gorgeous and because of the heavy rain this past few days, the green is rich and magnificent. What a change from snow!!

A little rain has not stopped these hardy Canadians from getting out and enjoying the pleasure of simply being here. Joanne is doing well with her jet lag but we’re still staying close to home for the moment. This morning the decision was to head near Fuzeta, park then walk the salt flats, find a place of lunch, walk back to the car then home. By the time all was said and done we had hit 10.8 km. I’d say that was pretty good.

The walk along the flats was breathtaking today as there was deep, low, fog to the north over the mountains, the birds had not been bothered, therefore they were plentiful and very chatty, and we truly felt as if we had the world to ourselves.

There is a small “shortcut” we take near the village to avoid being on the main road. Along the shortcut is a large wall, I’ve never been certain of it’s origin, and in the wall there are openings that have been framed off, almost as if they had been windows of some sort. Since our last time here a creative person has made these wonderful sculptures and placed them in each opening. I love it!

Flowers continue to bloom and show up each day and December is, of course, the month of roses here in the Algarve.

The walk along the harbour wall and out to the beach was tranquil and as it’s the beginning of the holidays, the fishermen are not out fishing but a few of them were in their boats performing a bit of maintenance. It was so quiet and peaceful.

A couple of places were open at lunch time and we chose Restaurante Trevo, which turned out to be an excellent choice. Fresh tuna with onions, peppers, tomatoes and as my friend Gwen Smith would say “the best fucking french fries in the Algarve!!!! That was for Joanne and myself while Marc enjoyed grilled chicken with a salad. Lots of laughing, great food, a couple of cold beverages and a surprise glass of ginja (look it up) at the end. Made the walk back to the car a tiny bit more zigzag that the trip over!!!

Go Santa Go. You can do it!

No caption necessary!!

A wonderful day shared with good friends.

In closing…just a couple of the creative toilet signs we have stumbled on to date. I’m certain there will be more.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I don’t know if I’ll be blogging or not and therefore…….Merry Christmas to all of you from Marc and myself. Travel safely, remain healthy, eat well, love strongly, and take care.

8 thoughts on “Rain? What Rain?

  1. Love the wall niches with their little sculptures and the creative toilet signs! The flowers really are beautiful. Merry Christmas to all and stay safe!


    1. Thanks Debbie. Merry Christmas to you and Fred.


  2. Loved those sculptures, really creative. What a lovely walk you all had today. Merry Merry Christmas 🎄Lots of hugs sent your way 🥰🥂🤗


    1. Thanks Erika, Hope you and Henry have a wonderful time with your family.


  3. As always great pics and dialogue. Have an enjoyable and snow free Christmas!


    1. Thanks Ken. Hope you and Bonnie have a fabulous time in your new house.


  4. Great photos & blog today. It is a strange year as LaNina is here, – a friends Primroses we’re blooming here in December. Wishing you & Marc a very Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy 2022.


    1. Same to you Joannie. I sent you an ecard but you haven’t opened it. Check your spam. Merry Christmas


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