Turkey Story…Part II and The End!!!!!

Boxing Day is always, for me, a day of relaxing in pj’s or something very comfortable, enjoying whatever rhythm and pace my body dictates, leftover food, good music, good company, and on occasion, as will happen today, a jigsaw puzzle. This boxing day is unfolding as it should

My resident artist working happily in his temporary atelier.

We’ve had much rain over the last few days but happily, able to enjoy a lengthy walk between downpouring’s each day. These photos are from Christmas Eve.

Joanne and I had explored a small, very pock marked, but obviously frequently used, farm road. I say that because we came upon an enclave of gorgeous properties with magnificent gardens that simply called out to be photographed. I love these finds.

Our Christmas Eve dinner was simply perfect. Marc and Joanne hit the kitchen, I “gussied up” the living room with candles, lights, and table setting. Marc had created a very flavourful fresh beet dip, served with a huge platter of crudities. Two kinds of homemade empanadas, one with curried ground pork, feta, and mushrooms, the other, shrimp with chives and parmesan. We had the usual olives/pickled onions and finally a platter of amazing cheeses. I won’t mention the wine as I would have to use plural words!!!

And finally, the turkey story!!! You might recall in a previous blog I had mentioned that I had gone to our local butcher, literally a three minute walk from our front door, and I had utilized a series of charades, the occasional Portuguese word or so, some French, a bit of English and the ever present gobble gobble in order to order this bird. I wasn’t at all convinced that I had made myself clear however at that time, I was willing to live with the outcome.

Christmas Eve I went to pick it up. Greeted with big smiles, Boas Festas, and the recognition that I was here to collect my bird. When she (the butcher) pulled it out of the fridge and handed it to me my first reaction was disappointment as it was only 8 pounds! I usually cook about 15 – 20. In any case, I thought to myself that this was more than sufficient and a sign from the universe that I didn’t need to be doing the big bird this year.

Came home, put the bird in the fridge and never even looked inside.

Joanne and I enjoyed a lovely long walk Christmas morning while Marc was being creative in his atelier. Once home I cleaned up, and headed into the kitchen. First thing on my list was to finish making my stuffing and once done, I reached into the fridge to take Mr. Turkey out and start prepping.

I put my hand in the bag to pull him out and immediately stabbed myself OUCH! Started to roll the bag downward and discovered that I had not only a lovely fresh turkey BUT…..a completely entire fresh turkey with head, feet, and all the internal body parts!!!!!! I truly simply froze in place, panic and horror surging through me. OMG! That lasted all of a moment then I decided, come on Mister, this is not the end of the world, you can do this. And so I did. I have decapitated my first turkey and by the time I was done, it might have been the cleanest fresh turkey I’ve ever cooked!

I have to say, it didn’t go over well when I ran around the living room with the turkey head in my hands gobbling like an idiot!!! I am however very proud of myself that I was able to achieve such success in my butchering skills. Perhaps a new career??

The rest is history now and I have yet one more travel story to add to my repertoire. We enjoyed a wonderful meal together and by 10 p.m. we, all three, were rubbing our bellies, sipping the last of our wine, and smiling contentedly with the tryptophan starting to lull us into a state of reverie. Another Christmas in the history books.

And in closing a couple of shots that I took over the last few days during our walks.

Anybody who know me knows that green is my favourite colour!

Our sunset last night

And finally, our afternoon project, at least for Joanne and me.

Happy Boxing Day to all.

14 thoughts on “Turkey Story…Part II and The End!!!!!

  1. Well, no photo of the turkey?! I expected to see it with and without the head! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!


    1. I would have shown the head but I knew it would upset a few folks and therefore, decided not to. It was quite the feat to clean it all. I’ve developed new skills.


  2. Anne Marie Dalton December 26, 2021 — 2:43 pm

    Great to hear you are enjoying Christmas …the turkey story is a winner for sure!! Love the tip on how to spend Boxing Day including plugging away at a jigsaw puzzle (one of my favourite pastimes.


    1. Merry Christmas to you. We have so far finished the frame and a few odd pieces. It’s much more complicated than it looks.


  3. Great turkey story & sounds like it worked out well in the end. I am off shortly to get some lobster for dinner tonight. I am enjoying the blog and great photos. Have a relaxing Boxing Day!


  4. Absolutely hilarious. Wish there was a pic of your face when you saw the turkey’s head peeking out of the bag 😳. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Day and are enjoying your Boxing Day. We love Boxing Day too. Time to relax and reflect on the last few wonderful days. Enjoy.


    1. I can only imagine what my face must truly have looked like!!! I was shocked to the core but hey, we all survived. You’re wise to relax today and reflection, in my mind, is an essential part of life. Hugs to you


  5. Great story and good on you for tackling the job while retaining a sense of humour. Enjoying your adventures and the stories.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I’m going to have to update my resume!


  6. OMG….I love the turkey story..better you than me…I could never have decapitated a dead turkey…the garden shots were gorgeous…and I love the puzzle you are working on…I got one for Christmas too…anyway, Happy New year to you two…big hugs..


    1. I would have thought you would have been great at decapitating a bird! Being a country girl and all. LOL.
      Wish you could be here to walk with me.


  7. Aunt Mineola was reminiscing about how she used to help her father with the chickens( when they stopped laying, they were off to the pot). Great story and it gave us a smile and a chuckle. Merry Christmas and wish you and Marc a very grand and wonderful New Year.hugs, P


    1. Thanks darlin’……we are counting down the days till you are both here to share in these adventures


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