Just home from a 17 km hike…….need a shower then a gin and tonic!! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves today. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. Wow another mega hike!


    1. Yup…..we lose track of time and distance!


  2. Your kitchen visitor would send me running back to Canada!!!!


  3. How has your weather been? I just read a news feed that said there had been 48 weather incidents in the Algarve between Faro and Tavira, mostly Loule and Portimao, on Christmas Day. They included flooding and power outages. Doesn’t sound like you were affected too badly there, hope not. We had rain, that then froze. Made walking treacherous, at least the people I was watching walk, from inside where I was safe and sound. Hehe.


    1. Nothing on this end except rain showers….didn’t see any of the news reports that you mention . We’ve enjoyed lovely hikes/walks every day


  4. You & Joanne are like energizer bunnies! Lovely pictures of the flowers and birds. That lizard brings back memories of being in the Caribbean resorts & we would see these quite often – I only hoped they stayed outside..lol!


    1. I like the image of Energizer Bunnies!


  5. I love your kitchen visitor! You know me, I’d be trying to make friends with it!
    Great pictures of the Hoopoe!
    I love the iridescent shading on the Ibis.
    How can one type of flower look so different from the other, yet all be beautiful!
    I love that huge tree in the picture of your travels! So lush looking.
    We had a touch of light snow today, just needed a broom to whisk it off my walkway.

    Love and Hugs.


    1. Yes, the flowers all have such gorgeous faces and the mixture of colours is amazing. Our lizard has disappeared. He either went out the kitchen window or he will show up somewhere else in the house, preferably not in the bed!!!!


  6. Hi Randy and Marc,

    I took some time this evening to wander back through your wonderful blog. I’m curious about the glossy long legged bird on this page. Were you able to identify it? It might be a glossy ibis. Thank you so much for posting your blog. I can hardly wait to be there in March!


    1. Yes, it was a glossy ibis. I’ve seen a couple more since in that same area. Pat and Gary are arriving Monday and we’re excited they will be soon enjoying hikes with us. Stay warm and healthy..


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