Tavira Town

I’ve always heard that we have an angel sitting on each of our shoulders whispering in our ear. The right side is a good angel, the left, well you know what that would be? I now have definitive proof.

Today we headed off to Tavira in order that Marc and Joanne could stock up on a few art supplies and we could enjoy an afternoon of mindless wandering, turning left or right on a whim. What a perfect day it turned out to be as the temperature soared above 20 for the first time in a few days and the natives, despite our many long hikes, were feeling a bit restless.

Tavira always provides a few surprises plus it was our first opportunity to explore it with Joanne and we love showing people the places we enjoy.

One of the things that is a happy surprise here is that for the most part, parking is readily available and free. That always tickles me. We had parked near the art store and wandered for about four hours, cost us nothing. Not many places can you say that.

All the walking in the sunshine, passing open cafes and restaurants, of course it stokes the hunger and with that in mind we headed off to check out what might be open that offered us a patio. We ended up at one of our favourites, Casa Simao. I should mention here that I have received a few private emails and comments “demanding” to know why I haven’t included any food photos this year and asking me to reconsider. Therefore, here goes.

And as is always required after a good meal……a good walk to burn some of it off. By now it was increasingly warmer than when we started and that, combined with our meals, meant a very slow meander back towards the vehicle.

We have near our patio at the Quinta, a peppercorn tree ( Schinus Molle), today we came across one that is full of gorgeous peppercorn.

Every visit to Tavira, when we have a new person with us, we like to take a timed photo on the Roman Bridge crossing the Rio Gilão. It’s my closing shot for today. A tres amigos

5 thoughts on “Tavira Town

  1. I checked the Estoi temp today and wow! 20. Nice. Always a treat to meander the streets of Tavira. Gary will be drooling over the pork cheeks. Carry on living the dream; doing it well.


    1. Yes, the weather has been amazing, even when it rained. Soon mon amie. Soon.


  2. Love Tavira – such a special place!


  3. Love Tavira – so nice to roam around. Roman bridge is a famous spot for photos. Glad to see you posting food photos again as I enjoy them As well.


    1. Thanks Joannie….I buckled to pressure.


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