Happy New Year Feliz Ano Novo

Bring it on 2022! As much positivity as you can muster. Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

Our days here seem to meld into one another and I find that if I don’t go back and have a look in my photo library, I can’t recall when I did what! I’m willing to admit that some of that could simply be age related but I’m also recognizing that I just might have the need to document every day of my life with photos just to help me recall!!! I’m kidding of course.

This seasonal period here in Portugal is very quiet socially as families spend as much quality time together as possible plus this year the absence of many tourists makes it that much more tranquil and, in my opinion, lovely. We’ve enjoyed a few marvelous hikes and long leisurely afternoons beside the pool taking in the sun, listening to the birds whilst watching them flitting back and forth in the trees, and of course the ever present crowing of the local cocks! There are a few of them very close to us and to my ear they seem to be in constant competition, starting as early as 4 a.m. and continuing throughout the day. They never fail to make me smile.

On the way home from the Fonte, I took a little side road to see if something that I had discovered a few years ago was still there……it was.

These two are huge and extremely curious. This cage is enormous, sad that they are enclosed but at least they are safe and obviously well cared for. I tried to get them to speak to me but no luck. I do think I saw them look at each other once wondering who these idiots were that kept making all these silly sounds!

Marc has been busy these last few days working on several new pieces for his upcoming exposition as well as preparing a retrospective of his 2021 creations. While Joanne and I head off for our exploring, Marc sets himself up out by the pool and works in the sun. Additionally, he’s been doing much of the seasonal cooking, which is a treat for all of us. We arrive home to the scent of whatever creations he’s conjured up for our evening meals.

Our plans for New Year’s Eve were quite simple. Mixed pates and rillette from a small place we knew of in Loulé, a tomato onion salad, breads, and in the end, a platter of empanadas. With that in mind we headed off to Loulé to do a little shopping. What a surprise to find that 90% of everything was closed. We did manage to purchase a few things for our meal and enjoy a brief walkabout, it’s always a treat to be there as it’s quite beautiful. This year the main street was lined with marvelous larger than life reindeers, each playing a different musical instrument. I can only imagine how beautiful they are all lit up at night.

We can’t forget Santa

I always poke my nose up and down side streets and frequently, in between buildings if there is any sort of alley. This time I looked down a small alley and discovered a marvelous sculpture.

This is a bit larger than life and simply beautiful.

Our temperature hit 24 yesterday and Marc wanted to finish working on his retrospective as well as prepare a couple of things for our January 1st meal, Joanne and I headed off towards Fuzeta, my plan was to introduce her to the small seaside trail that went from there all the way to Tavira. We did in fact complete over half of it accomplishing around 15 km and on one of our next outings we will drive to where we stopped yesterday and complete the trek, which will be roughly the same distance again. ( “ida e volta)

At one point in our walk we suddenly heard the sound of bells and what a treat we witnessed. We stood to the side as they walked by, bells, bleating, and happiness.

And so it goes, the end of 2021 and the end of another fabulous day for the three of us, drifting off to sleep with the sound of fireworks, the clanging of pots and pans, and the knowledge that 2022 has arrived to offer us all 365 days of living life to the fullest, being grateful for all we have, which most certainly includes our families and friends. Again, Happy New Year/ Feliz Ano Novo to each and every one of us.

Take it slow and easy, we’ll all get there eventually!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year Feliz Ano Novo

  1. Lovely post. Oh…it is 2022 not 2023. You are having so much fun in Portugal that you skipped a year😝😝 Happy New Year!!!


    1. Just noticed that you corrected the year. I was getting worried that I had aged one year more than I thought😁😁


    2. Was corrected BUT…I truly thought it was 2023! Happy New Year to you and Bonbon


  2. I really enjoyed todays walk. I loved the reindeer and would have made a night time drive just to see them lit up. The horse sculpture was my favorite! Loved all the flowers. Looks like 2022 is starting out very positive for you guys. Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year to you. Yes, you would have loved the walk yesterday and also, the walk today!!! I’ve been getting great hikes in as Joanne loves to walk and believe it or not, she walks as fast as us!! Just settling in for dinner…..will look for you afterwards.


  4. Lovely as always. The Snail is a wonderful reminder to slow down and smell the roses. Happy New Year to you both 😘


    1. I love that you love my snail. When I saw him by the gate yesterday afternoon that’s exactly what I thought. Happy New Year to you.


  5. My gosh, I thought you were trying to trick us old folks! We caught it! Time is moving fast enough and that sweet snail is a good reminder to slow down. I loved the ‘street band’….always amazes me at the creativity of the Portuguese and how they take simple materials and have fabulous outcomes, as in their food as well. I am glad Joanne can keep up with you! Lovely blog!


    1. Hey, I’m trying to keep up with Joanne…..she walks as fast as me!!


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