Barranco do Velho

What a marvelous way to start the new year, one of my favourite trails here in this part of the Algarve. We literally had the entire route to ourselves, well, except for the many birds, butterflies, and the occasional sheep!

I love their curious nature.

This hike goes along and through a deep ravine (barranco), peppered with cork trees, carob, and is home to a particular lavender that is green and quite lovely to see. (Lavandula viridis is endemic to the southwestern Iberian Peninsula in southern Portugal (Algarve and Baixo Alentejo). It’s a little to early to find it just yet but soon enough it will be available in abundance. We did see patches of last years crop but it was withered and dry yet still had enough scent to make it obvious.

Despite our days of recent rain, the path was very dry and consequently, you needed to pay attention to rocks rolling out from under your feet. We’ve been using our walking poles on most hikes this year and it’s definitely a bonus to have them. At the end of the hike there is a church close to where we parked. Joanne and I enjoyed a stroll around the property and a relaxing few minutes enjoying our water and a snack. Absolute silence around us except for the birds.

As I am wont to do sometimes, because we were close to a few small villages that I had been in before (thank you Harald) I suggested that we take a short drive and maybe walk around a couple of places. What a perfect way to extend our outing and continue to enjoy the sunshine.

This was more or less the route we followed.

I swear, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to explore all the tiny roads that I pass and long to turn down. One of these days I’ll pack a lunch, hit the road and stay out till dark!!

Marc had spent a relaxing day at home, he’s nursing a sore leg, and of course is focused on his exhibition which will take place February 14 – March 18 in Portimão . His exhibition will be called Marée Haute Marée Basse (High Tide Low Tide) and his new pieces are reflective of that in some way.

In any case, we three enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the first day of this new year. What a feast we enjoyed of Marc’s tourtière and his ragoût de porc accompanied by a bottle of Marquês de Marialva (thank you Mom). Twenty Twenty Two is off to a great start!

6 thoughts on “Barranco do Velho

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, and you seem to find the most obscure things. You are an artist my friend. You literally stop and capture them on camera. Hugs


    1. What lovely sentiment, Merci beaucoup! As you can tell, I am in my element here. Hope you are all staying well.


  2. Another great day and another great blog! You covered a lot of territory and captured some great shots today! May be time to start cataloging them and creating an ‘inside’ view’ of Portugal that most people would never experience. Not only would the photos sell but the feelings that coincide with them would definitely create a ‘wanting’ to experience the real thing! Your commentaries are very descriptive and interesting, you could attract thousands of visitors! Oh yeah, exactly what you don’t want! Scrap this idea! LOL!
    Your first dinner of the year looks fabulous! Another winning Tourtiere for Marco!
    Hugs 🤗🤗


    1. I’m getting more and more pressure to write a book……..we’ll see. Goodness knows I have enough stories…..hey, I could do a whole chapter just on YOU!!!


  3. Happy New Year again! You should write a travel guide…better than Rick Steves. I had a great restorative weekend too…very tired but peaceful….the blog is a treat for me…like a nice glass of wine!


    1. Given I know how much you love wine, I’m sincerely complimented! Big hugs


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