It’s All About the Heat…..Meowing And Yowling That Is!!!

This poor man is in need of beauty sleep as I spent a large part of my night trying to block out the sounds of cats yowling and hollering out to each other. I love that they used the tiled roofs as a sort of freeway for their safety however using it as their boudoir also is a bit much, especially when it’s literally feet from my head. I guess as they say, it is what it is.

Yesterday was a beach day…….our toes were buried and happy in the warm grainy sand of the Praia de Faro.

We enjoyed a walk and decided that although it was a bit early for lunch, we would park ourselves on the patio at Wax to ensure a good seat. Relaxed with a beverage then half an hour so later, we ordered lunch. We truly felt spoiled especially as we know that in Canada it’s quite cold right now.

We wiled away a few hours simply relaxing, chatting, watching kids playing in the sand……..they enjoy it so much more than adults seem to. Kids and dogs……pure free entertainment.

Today was the coolest temperature we’ve had since arriving. The high was only 15 and one moment we had heavy cloud, the next blue sky, the next a tiny rain shower. Very up and down. Joanne and I had decided on a loop walk near home while Marc kept his nose to the grindstone to try and complete the piece he’s working on at the moment.

The hike was just shy of 10 km and was a big of a challenge as I took Joanne up the side of the mountain then down a long winding road to the “main” road then up the other side of the mountain before heading down into a valley just west of us and finally, around to our side of the mountain and back home. It turned out to be about flowers today as surprisingly, many have popped up in the last week.

We always keep our eye out for stray dogs as one never knows if they will be aggressive or not but today, dogs were the least of our worries!!

We came across this next sighting, hanging in a tree at the end of a driveway. It sort of creeped me out but it might have simply been a landmark for directions for somebody. I’ve seen stranger things used.

And finally, the datura is quickly fading and falling from the trees but it still stuns me with it’s beauty and striations of colours that are never duplicated in one to the other.

Today the photographer was captured! You can see how cold it is as I am wearing my Portuguese winter coat!!!!

6 thoughts on “It’s All About the Heat…..Meowing And Yowling That Is!!!

  1. I’ll take a chilly day in Estoi any day!!


    1. And you will be doing that very soon….lots of great weather for your arrival


  2. Watch out for those amorous cats.


    1. I have nothing to say to that……I can’t incriminate myself


  3. Well let’s hope that cat get pregnant because a female cat will be in heat for about 6 days every 2-3 weeks until she is pregnant!


    1. I’ve already done my pregnancy dance to ensure it’s over and done with, That said, tonight I will close the patio doors.


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