An Afternoon in Alte

Considered by many as the most typical Algarvean village, Alte is a small village of white-washed houses nestling amidst trees and mountains. It’s a village I love to visit where I simply park the car and wander in any, and every direction I can. It’s situated in central Algarve, about 40 minutes from Estoi, the village dates from Roman times and has an Arab past that can be observed in the detail filigree chimneys that adorn the houses.

Joanne had never been and Marc is quite preoccupied with his upcoming exhibition therefore, to get out of his hair, after all I AM a distraction, I suggested to Joanne we head off and explore for the afternoon. It never disappoints. I will let the photos tell their own unique story.

Wandering in any direction you find an impressive amount of street art. There’s lots hidden on even the smallest of street corners – and the biggest.  Here are a few examples. Apparently the artist used only local faces.

Of course all this walking led to hunger and very little was opened but, we managed to find a place and enjoyed a wonderful traditional Portuguese meal practically alone on the outside terrace.

We both had the same dish, Bitoque De Porco. Bitoque is a traditional dish , which consists of a lean fried or grilled steak or pork, that is usually accompanied by fries, rice, various salads and topped with an egg. This recipe has its origin in Beira’s, Portugal

Finally, after lunch and another period of meandering, I took Joanne to meet a local celebrity. I should have perhaps shown her the sign that is in the header of this blog before we got too close!!! Luckily, she was safe. ( mais ou menos)!!

Finally, on our way out of town, we stopped and enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the tranquil and beautiful cemetery. Came upon a headstone and plaque that I hadn’t seen before. Born in Alte on December 3, 1871, Francisco Xavier Cândido Guerreiro was a post-symbolist lawyer, playwright and poet. He was part of the group of the “Portuguese Renaissance”.

As always, one or two of my shots stay with me as favourites of the day. In closing, here is that shot for me today…….a day that was full of sunshine, full of happiness, and happily, when I returned home, Marc had accomplished everything he had wanted to do which leaves us with three very happy people.

12 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Alte

  1. Hope you two did not get nipped by the biting donkey. I think his name is Baltazar from what I remember. He is a shrewd character…lets you get close then may give you a little nip….or not? No, he never bit me but was giving me the eye when I dropped by to peek at him. Sorta sad to see him cooped up like this though.


    1. We thought of Bonnie while there today as Baltazar did make a move on her, as he did with Joanne today. He apparently only likes sweet things so you my friend are safe!!! LOL


  2. It’s always a great visit. Are most of the restaurants/ cafes closed? That donkey is still around!!


    1. Sadly today in Alte most things were closed. One restaurant was open however, thankfully.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful travels


    1. Thank you for following along. Makes my heart warm.


  4. Love the street art! I really like the headstone as well…I am wondering if I had one etched for myself, if I could request a thinner version of moi! LOL!!! Lunch looked so fabulous that I may have to replicate it tomorrow evening, minus the fries, of course. Lots of great photos, enjoyed hangin’ out today! xoxo


    1. Aren’t you the funny one. Lunch today was exceptionally good. The porc as tender, moist and very flavourful. And of course you know how fabulous Portuguese eggs taste!


  5. Love the street art…how cool….these photos cheered the grey gloomy day here as we head into another 2 week lock down..enjoy your freedom…big hugs


    1. Hang tight my friend. This too shall pass. Big Hugs


  6. Such an informative post! Love the photos, such an interesting town. Continue to enjoy.


    1. Thanks Debbie. Alte is such a great place and so many wonderful paths and trails in the area. I think we need to stay in a different area of the Algarve next time to allow me access to new hiking routes!


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