Lenora The Lizard

As it turns out, our lizard has not abandoned us at all but in fact lives in our kitchen full time just behind our hanging mugs! We don’t mind this at all as she probably feasts on any little bibits that might be crawling around at night, which saves us from killing them, and at least she is warm and safe. I’ve named her Lenora as our last experience with a lizard in the house was Larry and I’ve created a bit of a history for her……she is Larry’s Long Lost Lizard Cousin!!

We have a lovely morning routine of getting up when we feel like it, Marc makes breakfast while I make the bed, we eat while catching up on our respective newspapers (online) and then, depending on what we’ve discussed, we either get organized to head off together or make our way into our individual choices. It’s easy, uncomplicated, and gratifying. This morning we didn’t really have any plans together, or alone, so we decided to hang out around home doing “whatever” then around 11h30 head off in search of some friends upcoming rental villa…we found it……gorgeous location and property, then wind our way into Moncarapacho to relax with Joanne on the square and enjoy lunch. I parked several blocks from the square to allow us a bit of a walk about both before and after lunch.

Lunch was, as it always is at Ana’s in Moncarapacho, delicious, plentiful, hot, and with the atmosphere on the tiny main square a wonderful experience. We were sitting directly in the sun and between the heat of the sun and the good food, I could easily have snoozed off and stayed there for the better part of the afternoon.

We sat and relaxed for quite some time then slowly wandered about town as Joanne had never before had the opportunity to visit Moncarapaco. How sublime to have absolutely no agenda whatsoever!

On the way home we decided to stop and visit a small cafe that our friends Pat and Gary had mentioned to us. Anybody who knows me knows that I have zero sweet tooth however, today they had an apple tart that simply called out to me and so, for the first time this trip all three of us allowed ourselves a tiny indulgence.

Left….a tartelette of almonds for Marc….right….a shortbread of sorts lined with dark chocolate for Joanne and front and centre for me a tartelette of apple ….filled with apples…..no cream or custard, dairy free. My teeth didn’t know what was happening and I have been on full zoom ever since I ate it!!

Another fabulous day in our paradise is coming to a close, the Beatle’s are serenading me, a jigsaw puzzle awaits my presence and all is grand in our world. Hope it’s the same for each of you. In closing, your Portuguese lesson for the day.

7 thoughts on “Lenora The Lizard

  1. Great blog today & love the village of Montcarapaco with its great square. The last time I was there, I had the most delicious lasagna dish. Having said that, the bacalhau com natas would have been my first choice if offered. Also, Loved your apple tart as I love any apple dessert even though like you I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore. We’re getting ready for a nor’easter here in Nova Scotia in the next hour or so, but the snowfall looks not too bad compared to yesterday’s predictions.


    1. I hope you don’t get snowed in!! We are just home and it’s 19 here again today. The sky is so very blue it seems a bit unreal!


      1. Thanks & looks like snow & rain – just enough to make a mess or all go away. Have to say I love the Portuguese lessons – such fun to learn.

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  2. Can you bring the lizard home? She is adorable! Thankyou for my daily dose of colour and delight…I’m trying to work up the enthusiasm to go for a walk in the -17 sunshine!


    1. Lenora is safely ensconced in the kitchen and although she clearly moves at night, she is rarely a inch or so from the same spot all through the day. I kind of like the idea that she lives with us! Stay warm and safe my friend. So wish you could be here for a few weeks of sunshine.


  3. HI Randy and thanks for sharing your adventures it brightens up our winter days at home. Love the stories and the pictures!


    1. Hey Gord, Hope you are both staying safe and keeping well. Delighted you follow along.


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