Calçadinha Romana

I’ve had a few interesting questions recently regarding my blog. The short answer is, “No”, of course not everything we do is posted on the blog and much of what is there is edited to a much shorter version. Secondly, no I DID NOT purchase that gorgeous outfit from yesterdays blog for Marc! Not that he wouldn’t have looked dapper in it mind you! And finally, this one really made me laugh…YES we do do our own housekeeping and laundry. I do love it that folks send me private messages with questions and comments, makes my day often.

Today we started our morning with fabulous Buckwheat Crêpes, compliments of Marc. A great nutritious way to start out our day. The only thing missing from the photo is the accompanying maple syrup. (If I could put sound in this blog you’d hear me smacking my lips together)!

We had a few “domestic” things to take care of today and by the time we finished up Joanne and I were ready for a walk while Marc tended to other business related to the exhibition. (He’ll be preoccupied with that until February 11th, the date it will be hung.)

We decided on São Brás de Alportel and specifically, the old Calçadinha Romana,or ancient Roman Road. São Brás de Alportel was an important town until the nineteenth century, the golden age of cork, and it has remained true to its agricultural origins. The old road was built in Roman times and it’s believed it probably connected the city of Ossonooba (now Faro) with Pax Julia (Beja) road. In any case, it’s a delightful walk, not all that far from home and with the accompanying 19 degrees we received today, was thoroughly enjoyable for us.

We always start off with a sweater or something but it quickly comes off as the combination of sun and our walking heats us up. Once back from the walk we wandered around the old part of town before stopping for a quick bite.

We didn’t want to spoil dinner but by now it was 13h30 and we had worked up an appetite. A great time to share something.

Today while wandering about we came upon a number of butterfly paintings that I had never seen before. I do think they are recent and not something I missed in the past. In any case, they are gorgeous and worthy of being shared.

And finally, my favourite shot of the day.

Lycianthes, this is about the size of a loonie. Simply takes my breath away.

14 thoughts on “Calçadinha Romana

  1. Love the old Roman roads however you really do need to watch your foot placement! Your flower and butterfly shots are gorgeous, you truly are living the dream!


    1. Thanks Debbie… was such a good decision to come here when we did. We have a renewed lease on life! I love this old road even if it’s not all that challenging for a hike. It’s close to home and is great exercise.


  2. It’s amazing to be walking on roads built by hand back when! Joanne is loving it all. I can tell by that wonderful smile painted on her face.


    1. Yes, we are so lucky to enjoy this activity and have it so readily available to us. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days. Hope your day was wonderful.


  3. I love reading your blog! When I walked the Camino, in France we walked a few times on “La voie Romaine” . The colours of those flowers are outstanding! One thing, I believe whoever painted those “butterflies” did an image rather of a moth, just in the way the wings are placed, the shape of the wings and the size of the body. What do you think?


    1. I think you might be correct about the moth. They were simply beautiful in person, and hidden in the most unexpected places.


  4. That is my kind of pizza! Goat cheese is my favorite. I love the frog popping out of the urn and the butterflies.


    1. The pizza was phenomenal, especially after our long walk. Combine that with the terrace and the sound of the gurgling fountain and it was pretty well perfect. You’d love these walks.


  5. Well too bad you aren’t having fun any more!😀 enjoy Gary and Pat hope their trip over went smoothly xx


    1. Very excited that they will arrive from Lisboa tomorrow. Now if only you were coming as well!


  6. Thanks Randy….now that is a frog I can handle. He’s a cutie!!!


    1. I never see a frog without thinking of you! He was cute.


  7. The crepes made my mouth water.well done Marc. The pizza looked soooooo good.


    1. You know it’s not good to read the blog when you are hungry? You’ll drool on your keyboard!! LOL


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