Rediscovering Old Haunts

I woke up this morning thinking about our daily caminhada and I remembered the many wonderful walks I had enjoyed with friends (Gwen and Diane) many years ago during our first visits to Portugal. In the blink of an eye my decision was made and I knew Joanne would be good with it as like me, she simply loves to be outside and enjoying nature.

This hike meant driving to Fuzeta, 25 minutes, parking in the west end of the village and then walking the Ria Formosa trail towards Olhão with a side stroll through the tiny village of Quatrim. Ida e Volta it was just shy of 12 km, and what a lovely 12 km it was.

How delighted I was to discover that since my last walk here they have built a gorgeous boardwalk that goes all along the coast to Olhão. Thee improvements make me happy as it means we tourists are welcomed here. We stayed on the boardwalk till after the village of Quatrim but then walked up into the village and back to the sea via the route I used to know.

I love the way so many homes are embellished, or titivated as a friend would say, with small personalized decorations that add to the uniqueness of the home. Very whimsical at times. A few examples from today.

The almond trees are splendid at the moment with more to come.

The final leg to the car was along the flats and although there weren’t many birds to see on our route heading out, they seemed to have woken up for the trip back.

Over and over we acknowledge how lucky we are to be here. To have good health, pensions, motivation, interest and desire. We are as they say in Newfoundland….”some lucky buggers”!!!

4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Old Haunts

  1. Gotta pit this one on the list!! Lovely tis


  2. Lovely pics today of your hike! Some beautiful colourful homes along the way – so nice.


    1. Thanks Joannie. The colours are such a pick me up and I love how they don’t shy away from bright colours here.


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