Taking It Easy on a Saturday Afternoon

This was laundry day and I had it all accomplished by 9h30!! I’m not just a pretty face. It’s wonderful to get it out of the way and most importantly to let most of it dry in the wonderfully scented breeze while we do other things.

We Fund a present on our front terrace this morning. Eddie, who cleans the pool had picked them and left them on the table near our door.

Fifteen of these wonderfully scented oranges picked off the tree by our pool

Being Saturday it was also market morning at Olhão. Arrived and found a table in the sun and ordered my bica while Joanne and Marc shopped and suddenly I looked up, a perfect photo opportunity had made itself available. Grabbed my camera, turned it on and it instantly shut down with the message….charge your battery!! Murphy’s Law at work as the photo I was about to take was a less than flattering one of a passerby. Guess it serves me right.

Pat and Gary came walking by and we enjoyed a pleasant visit, made plans for later today then we all headed off in our respective directions.

Once I was done lunch I was feeling a bit antsy and grabbed my camera, a fully charged battery installed, and headed back to our parking lot to clean the car windows and simply wander around the hillside and field right beside us. All the following photos were taken in that small space, simply to tell you how much beauty there is right outside our door.

I love slowly meandering around and trying to spy things that are not always that obvious.

This is the season for almond trees to bloom and the array of colours, thickness of foliage, and the suddenness with which they explode, is everywhere. I try never to be blasé about them as they truly leave me breathless.

I came upon a fairly prolific patch of what I believe are a member of the Arisaema Triphyllum (jack in the pulpit) family. I had fun trying to get down low enough to capture their little faces!

Just behind the field from our parking is another very large, and fenced, field that from time to time houses animals, basically I believe, to feed. Today when we got home we noticed a vehicle stopped and Marc thought they were perhaps putting some animals in to graze. I wanted to show you what typical winter looks like here in Portugal with the abundance of bermuda buttercup and as luck would have it, animals were present.

Directly outside our back gate is a large property that is occupied by a widow woman who works the land and seems to have endless energy. She is always planting or harvesting something in the company of her two very yappy little dogs. The nightshade is growing all up her fence wall and over onto ours. Additionally this lovely shot presented itself.

Piri piri peppers, just out of arms length!

As I was coming back into the house I noticed a small plant blooming near our steps. I can’t seem to find it in my trusty book but I think it to be a member of the primrose family that is constantly confused as thyme.

The entire blossom is about an inch wide from tip to tip.

Upon getting close to the front door I could hear the sound of hammering, banging, and laughter. I discovered my companions deep in the middle of a project.

I decided to prepare my blog today while I was looking out at our bedroom terrace, not that I needed any additional motivation but it sure adds a lovely element to the task.

Manter-se Seguro e Saudável

4 thoughts on “Taking It Easy on a Saturday Afternoon

  1. My goodness that country is so colorfull its amazing how well everything grows and it seems likeevery inch of land is in bloom.You do an amazing job capturing every tiny creepy crawley with that camera of yours well done. Hugs and kisses.


    1. Thanks Mom. It sure does produce a lot of colour and I do love seeking it out and photographing it.


  2. Busy day doing nothing but enjoying life – that’s the life for me. Loving your blogs, each and everyone. See you when it’s warmer MBB’s. Lets see if you get this – fingers crossed. Sending HUGS.


    1. Hey hey Susie Q…..finally, you got it to work. Pizza’s tonight we’re fabulous. Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely returning. Hugs


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