Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Walk We Go

A perfect day to enjoy a lengthy walk along the salt flats, explore a small village (that was new to most), and lunch at a new place O Farol (The Lighthouse), that turned out to be a wonderful find food wise, not to mention a great bargain. We paid 40 € for five of us, including wine.

I love when the borage starts to bloom. It’s edible and often used in salads or for medicinal purposes. (respiratory issues)

We drove into Fuzeta and met Pat and Gary on the boardwalk then headed west.

Just admire the size of that lantana hedge. Enormous and not yet fully in bloom. I don’t know what those four weeds are in front of it!

This particular walk is an easy one and you could continue for many many miles…….right to the western end of the Algarve in fact, however our plan had been to walk until the village of Quatrim do Sul then head inland towards the restaurant O Farol, enjoy lunch on the terrace then pick up the path again and head back towards Fuzeta.

O Farol was a hit for most of us. Today there wasn’t a prato da dia, simply a choice of several things. Joanne and I devoured our platter of lulas grelhadas

Pat and Gary also pretty well licked the plate clean from their mista de carnes

Marc had ordered a chicken dish that wasn’t quite what any of us were expecting and consequently, wasn’t in his top 10!!! Thank goodness for olives, great salad, and bread. On the other hand, I was more than excited when the table next to me was served maçãs assadas!!! I was definitely having one. It didn’t disappoint, and yes, I licked the plate.

With satiated bellies, accompanied by a slower pace, we headed back towards the sea and the route to Fuzeta, about a 40 minute stroll. As always, there is something wonderful to capture along the route.

This lovely wall was right next door to the restaurant providing privacy for the terrace.
Looking upward I saw this view and found myself captivated by the shadowing, textures, colours and overall composition.
These are cascading down over a privacy wall and tumbling towards the street. Still many blooms to open.
Sr. e Sra. Ganso Not at all happy with our presence.

And finally, so happy to see that they are starting to bloom.

The beautiful  Mimosa Tree or as it is called here Acacia. I like to call it the popcorn tree as it looks like large kernels. It is one of the things here that brings me such pleasure when it finally appears.

That was our day, and a fine day it has been.

Ciao ciao.

6 thoughts on “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Walk We Go

  1. Beautiful colors!


    1. Thanks Ken. It’s all uphill with colour from here.


  2. A weed, eh!!! Well, I never. Grand day.


  3. I really love that photo of the red gate and the pink and white ….great angles…the geese were good too…such a colourful day…


    1. Yes, I too love all those colours together. The Portuguese are not afraid of colours or of mixing and matching, even when it might not work! Stay warm.


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