O Dia dos Caçadores

Here in the Algarve the hunting season starts in October and goes on until the end of January. They hunt on Thursdays and Sundays, which means on both of those days you avoid the mountain trails…..unless you’re a real risk taker, or you only dress in bright yellow or orange!!

We don’t really require any reminder as you hear them shooting in the early morning which sets the dogs off, which wakes us, which means you have a much opportunity to catch us grumpy on Thursdays and Sundays!!!

I bought Marc a new vehicle to allow him to get back and forth to Portimão more easily once his exhibition opens. Note the horn(s)

This morning we all seemed to move slower than usual, consequently the morning was tranquil and easy as we all pottered at our own projects. The sun was quite lovely, the sky blue, and we took advantage of that to sit on our side terrace and enjoy lunch then Joanne and I set out on a mountain “road” hike, which basically turned into 11,14 kms of bliss and many indications that Mother Nature had stayed up late last night just to pretty a few things up for us.

I had decided to do a hike that I like to do a few times while here, which Joanne had already done once with me, but today we did it in the opposite direction to give us a bit more of a cardio workout. I maintain you always see something completely different when you approach it from a new vantage point.

Marc and I have been here just a little over two months and yet I still find myself in awe of the fact that I am here and sometimes a bit overwhelmed with the emotion that comes along with that realization. What an extortionary life we get to live being able to avoid the Canadian winter weather but also, to explore and appreciate this magnificent county.

When I was a child, growing up in Newfoundland I used to read books, most of them British authors as that was what was in the bookcase in my grandparents house. I recall so vividly the frequent references to the “long springtime”, something that I truly didn’t get as spring in Newfoundland was so short. It’s only since my winters here in Portugal that I truly appreciate and understand what that phrase really means. I think of that often and it always makes me smile.

My hiking companion. Joanne has been here for about six weeks now and has four more to go before heading back to Quebec. I’ll miss her hiking along with me. We have grand chats at times and walk in long silences often as well.

The last leg of our hike was pretty well downhill with the distant sea beckoning to us and vistas in every direction. We often stop to simply breath it all in. The following photos are simply to give you a perspective of the different sorts of roads/paths we wandered today and to brighten up your day, several of the fine examples of flora that are popping up.

Marc had asked me to run a quick errand for him once back from the hike and rather than return to the house we simply took a quick jaunt into the village to accomplish the task. It seemed that time had stood still as it was just after 14h30 and as siesta is still respected it meant the streets were totally empty. Not a soul in sight.

And finally, home sweet home and a greeting that still makes my heart skip a beat.

I frequently have a photo of the day that stands out to me just a bit more than others as something special. Here is my choice for today, I hope you appreciate it.

17 thoughts on “O Dia dos Caçadores

  1. I love your blogs..allows me a brief enjoyable escape from the reality here…I especially love your photo of the day😘


    1. Thanks Joyce. That rose was a thing of beauty. Stay warm and safe.


  2. Loved this blog today – sitting here with a tear in my eye after reading your comment ref returning home. You’ve turned me into a blubbering idiot. Big hugs to both.


    1. How cute are you. We truly miss seeing you. Hoping for less wind soon so you come back out.


  3. Michèle Dextras January 27, 2022 — 5:43 pm

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long Spring?! I am so tired of the cold. Great photos of such lovely flowers and love the animals!


    1. I truly appreciate spring here as it’s months long and steadily uphill with wildflowers and endless blue sky.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, read your blog with a smile.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I wrote it with a smile!


  5. Love it all…so uplifting…the rose was the best..well next to the animals, well next to Marc….xx


    1. You made me laugh. I could almost hear your voice when I read your comments.


    2. I agree…it’s saying I want to be painted!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow 2 months already it seems like you just left yesterday but you’re not missing the extreme frigid temperatures in Ottawa and frankly neither are we on Vancouver Island yay


    1. We’re lucky old farts huh? Life is grand.


  7. Love your photo of the day! I loved today’s blog. Love that purple door, the black and white face peeking through the flowers and oh my the flowers and the flowers and the flowers…….


    1. Tanks hey!!! Yes, Mother Nature was out in abundance yesterday, everywhere we turned. The wildflowers are only just beginning. Wish you were here to hike with me.


  8. Love all your blogs, brightens up my day


    1. I’m delighted you follow along and you enjoy them. I love you.


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