Sunday Sunshine

Portugal votes today!! No party is expected to garner a majority in parliament in this current political landscape. If the Socialists again gain the most votes but lack a majority, Mr. Costa (current Prime Minister) has said he plans to govern alone by negotiating support from other parties for laws on a case-by-case basis. The voting is open till 20h00 therefore we won’t know much till tomorrow morning.

All that to say that the traffic, and the number of folks out and about today, is the busiest we’ve seen it since our arrival!! We opted to drive over to Pat and Gary’s place and enjoy a stroll, about 30 minutes or so, into Moncarapacho, enjoy lunch on a terrace on the main square, a longer and more circuitous route back to their place then finally, home. A gorgeous 18 degrees and immense sunshine didn’t hurt.

For part of the journey we walked along a small country road that normally sees little traffic but was a bit more active today with folks driving in and out of Moncarapacho to vote. The drivers were however paying a great deal of attention and always slowed. Lots of waves and “bom dias” as they drove past. A few wonderful properties along the trek.

Once in Moncarapacho we wandered a couple of our less travelled streets and headed to the main square where we dined and relaxed for a couple of sun-filled hours.

I didn’t take photos of most of our lunches today as they are dishes I have posted here before. Patricia, however, felt her tuna salad was photo worthy and therefore, especially for Patricia…

I have always loved the GNR (police) station in Moncarapacho. Here is the front door. The pink marble is wonderful.

Such wonderful colours all along the route and not all of them compliments of Mother Nature.

As we had taken a different route home I got to appreciate a few more photo opportunities. I’ve always been taken with the different tiles and or decorations that people chose to display permanently on the outer walls of their homes or gates.

The prickly pear cactus is covered in fruit and only today did I notice that it resembles, in some fashion, a huge oversized and slightly deformed strawberry!!!

The walk home was a bit longer in distance but also following our lunch and “beverages” it added to the pace, or should I say, lack of pace!! I’m not complaining as I love nothing more than exploring along all these lovely old roads.

Off in the distance we could look back on the village of Moncarapacho and the Cerro da Cabeça behind it. I thought it made a lovely shot and showed a bit of the landscape.

And yet another wonderful day with good friends coming to a close. Our lives are simple yet full and abundant. Could we ask for more? I think not.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. Wow, look at that sunshine and the floral extravaganza! Besides Max’s 6 am walk, today is the first time I have been out of the apartment in 10 days! Jean-Claude actually said this morning that if Max has left us by September, we will look to go to Portugal for 2 months next winter! I am going to hold him to that. The only part I don’t like is “if Max has left us….”


    1. WOW, 10 days being housebound would do me in! Thank goodness Max forces you to take him out at 6 am, we won’t talk about the other statement re Max. I do believe you would both love it here. It’s a bit less polished than the south of France but it’s so lovely, diverse, people friendly, and sunny. I’ll help you figure out anything you may need in terms of where to stay etc.. Stay warm.


  2. What a lovely jaunt into Monacarapacho on Sunday! Such a great village/town & lovely sunny day. I always loved visits there in the square & the great pottery shop.


    1. The square has become our new favourite place to have lunch…’s so relaxing and the food, always great.


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