Market Day in Moncarapacho

The last few days have more or less disappeared on me! That’s not at all a bad thing, it’s simply an indication of us being occupied with things and me leaving my camera behind, intentionally. I find it necessary to take a break from time to time and simply be in the moment.

Today was market day in Moncarapacho, about 12 km from Estoi, and although we’ve been to many over the years, I am still a big fan and I absorb such wonderful energy when I’m there. The colours, the noises of people meeting up with friends, of bartering and all round happiness. The scents of cooking things, cheeses, salt fish, and even the occasional person!!! LOL It all comes together and forms a marvelous experience.

We drove over and found parking then wandered into the market grounds, we had arranged to “bump into” Pat and Gary, who were able to walk there from “home”. Bumped into them within 5 minutes despite the size of the place and the crowds. From there we stuck together and wandered……me not needing anything, Marc seeking nuts to make a granola, Joanne was hoping to find a new pashmina scarf, whilst Pat and Gary were on the lookout for oranges and socks! I can report that by the time we were ready to leave everybody had satisfied their wish lists.

He’s made up his list and he’s checking it twice!!!
Joanne purchasing her new pashmina.

At some point during the wanderings we find ourselves a table and sit for a bit simply to continue to breath it all in and people watch. It’s always a great pastime. Today we were right next to a vendor who was roasting chickens….the line-up with endless and thankfully we were in the opposite direction from the smoke.

What a great time.

We’re meeting tonight to go out for dinner, something we rarely do, therefore, after our marketing we all headed to our respective homes to wile away the afternoon. I lazed by the pool with a book and some music, Marco is painting on the terrace, Pat and Gary are probably reading and working on a puzzle while Joanne…..I think she’s downstairs twirling around with her new pashmina draped around her shoulders admiring the lovely colours.

4 thoughts on “Market Day in Moncarapacho

  1. Love the pictures of the market. What I really enjoyed seeing is that Everyone at the market were wearing a mask and not seeming to be bothered by it. Not like here where they are fighting for their freedoms so they dont have to wear one. Nice to see a country that understands the issue and is helping to overcome it. My comment for the day!! So happy to see you are all having such a wonderful time!


    1. Thanks Erika. Yes, you are quite right. Here things truly feel effortless and non problematic. We feel very safe. Stay well.


  2. OMG I would have to leave my wallet at home! Those baskets and the pashminas and of course cheese and lots lots more!! Jean-Claude says I should always leave my wallet home. Went to the opening of new exhibition by Peter Colbert Friday, just to look…haha . Bought a nice little painting, loved the colours and we have the perfect place for it! See… I can’t help it!


    1. That is way to funny. You’re right though, leave your wallet at home but tuck 20 euros in your pocket. You can do a lot of damage with 20 euros at these markets!!


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