The Old Gray Mares Ain’t What They Used to Be!

As we frequently say around here (thanks to Pat Kean)….Oh No!!! Not another sunglasses day!!! I say that not to taunt or tease, only to say that we awoke to yet another blue sky here in our home away from home and given we had already determined a hike was in store for the morning, how wonderful.

Marc continues to nurse a problem with his foot therefore stays behind but idle he is not! Between painting and being a “domestic God” he keeps himself occupied and entertained.

We headed back to the Barranco do Velho, which is in the municipality of Loulé, a mountainous 30 minute drive from us. Joanne and I had hiked it in early January but as I’ve previously mentioned, I like to redo many of our hikes at different points in the season as Mother Nature is forever evolving and entertaining us with new colours and treats.

The mimosa/acacia trees are in bloom everywhere right now, various stages depending on the location and completely gorgeous. The scent is somewhat indescribable for me, between a gentle sweetness. I’ve read it as ” blanched almonds and cucumber peels, with a characteristic hint of violet”. LOL I’m sure that helps!

There was a slight morning wind as we started out however it didn’t last long. Barranco is the word for “ravine” and as we headed downward the heat increased. Our top layers, which were skimpy to begin with, came off quickly.

As we expected, many new sightings of flora.

I came upon a sign indicating a fonte and decided take a small detour to see what it actually might turn out to be. I know it’s a water source but I wasn’t sure exactly what type of source. I wandered for a bit and it turned lush and quite beautiful with a fairly virgin eucalyptus forest sprouting up however as I was with the others, who were patiently waiting for me back on the main trail, I abandoned my explorations but not before a few photos.

When arrived back at the top of the trail, this is what I found awaiting me

Don’t they look inquisitive?

I believe this to be a field of red sorrel, it was a little far away to see the detail.

Each time I do this particular hike at one point we roam into a small enclave just outside the village. It’s quite lovely and I usually wander down to have a look and see what’s new. Today as I arrived I was enjoying a dog free wander when suddenly there was a woman next to me. We chatted and she asked if I like the house I was looking at through a gate…..of course I did and said so and she told me that the owner loves to show off his house and she offered to call out to him in order that I could see in the house and garden. I declined as the others were waiting for me but also because I wasn’t certain I wanted to visit with somebody who decorated his portico with the following….

Looking into his garden however it was clear to me that he also had a penchant for Italy…

Of course I’m joking about not wanting to see the house inside, I would have loved to do so and there is much time remaining in our time here to possibly make that happen.

And so we continued on with our hike up through the tiny village and into the next portion of the forest.

Another wonderful hike under our belts and tucked safely in our memory boxes for those days in rockers on the Old Folks Home terrace!!!

I think I’ve found the reason for the sweet smell in the mimosa trees….

9 thoughts on “The Old Gray Mares Ain’t What They Used to Be!

  1. 7 deadly sins! Love it


    1. Now why doesn’t that surprise me?? LOL Thanks Ken, hope you’re both well


  2. Beautiful photos. Would be fun to tour the house and meet the man with such decorating taste – bet he’s a character!


    1. Yes, I think I’m going to see that through before I leave here.


  3. Beautiful photos. Would be fun to tour the house and meet the man with such decorating taste – bet he’s a character!


  4. Now I would say that Greed and Envy are women and the rest are all men. Why all in English in Portugal?


    1. Can’t answer your question but I think perhaps the owner is a foreigner. Stand by, I may yet find out. I love a challenge.


  5. Very beautiful l would be scared to go in that house .lol.


    1. LOL. I think he’s simply eccentric. If I get back there and he is around, I will go and see if he takes me through. I suspect the inside is probably as interesting as the outside.


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