O Mictório eo Cacto

As the title so eloquently states…….

A fine and dandy use of old urinals, there are several on the wall of this house, all with different plants cascading from them. This one is quite delicate looking and interestingly enough, we have one on our terrace that Marc saved from drought and already it’s burst into bloom. These little flowers are as big as a button.

This morning was all about laundry, house-keeping, and pottering about. By 10h30 all was accomplished, we had a lunch “reservation” for 12h30 in the square which freed us up to go for a lovely walk in and around the village, including a small circuitous route we like to do from time to time.

This is on the same wall right above the urinals!
A type of cornflower??? Thanks to my sister JoAnn….Felicia amelloides, the blue daisy bush or blue felicia, is a hairy, soft, usually perennial, evergreen plant, in the daisy family.

Taking these old roads in opposite direction from our usual habit is always fun and never fails to provide new vistas.

Giant Flowered Daisy Tree known as the Marguerite . It’s about 9 feet tall and is covered in flowers, a tiny bit past their prime but gorgeous nonetheless
I loved how the cactus seemed to be peeking around the cypress.

It wasn’t a lengthy walk, only about 7 km, but much of it was uphill which made up for distance. There was a slight wind, which under normal circumstances would have annoyed me but today, it actually made the walk more enjoyable. Once home we collected Marc and headed off to the square for our already ordered prato da dia , frango no forno, which I forgot to photograph. Mouth wateringly delicious baked in a tangy glaze that clung to your lips. We practically licked our plates. Marc took my camera to take a few shots…..and the last one was supposed to be selfie but sadly my camera ran out of battery and so……no Marc today!

We still have a lovely stretch of afternoon in front of us and the sun is shining. As I sign off a chaise longue is calling out to me…..te vejo depois!

2 thoughts on “O Mictório eo Cacto

  1. Great blog today as usual! Love the floral pics, especially the ones in the urinal – it makes for a unique flower pot! Nice to see the great colors, as our color here is white after an intense ice pellets & freezing rain storm on the weekend. I lost power for 24 hrs but appreciating the heat now. Some people are still without power. Today is high winds & heavy rain. So, I have my flashlight close at hand.


    1. Poor you….I shivered simply reading your note!!! Stay warm and safe and continue to enjoy the blog. I love that you follow along.


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