Seven Hanging Valleys

Not to rub it in, simply to state, it was 23 degrees here today!! What an absolutely perfect temperature for our pre-planned activity which was a hike called Seven Hanging Valleys, which was a costal strip between Praia da Marinha and Praia de Vale Centeanes.

The trail climbs up and down ravines that always open up above sea level, in the past the valley was associated with the mouth of a stream. The action of the fresh and salty waters on the coast created a jagged coastline.

So many arches, coves, islets, caves, tunnels. There is always something wonderful to enjoy visually, not to mention the pristine beaches, some accessible via boat only. I’ll let the photos do most of the “talking”.

The path skirts the edges of a few condo communities, which of course are enclosed and fenced off from the hiking paths, but you do get to see many gorgeous homes and the occasional quirkiness.

There is an old lighthouse (farol) that I believe is decommissioned. The wall tile providing information about it explained that it had opened in 1919 and for 41 years did not have electricity but was operated by the movement of animals!! Electricity was finally installed in 1960 and I guess the poor old donkeys were retired.

What a marvelous hike it was. We stopped frequently to breath it all in, take photos, catch our breath and simply enjoy the sun on our faces.

Ordinarily we would have taken a picnic lunch but we had opted instead to stop when we were hungry and enjoy a patio lunch. Easier said than done as many places were simply not opened. Not to worry, we eventually found a small place and sat to enjoy a light lunch, people watch, and rest our feet and legs before heading off for the last couple of hours.

Heading off after lunch was most certainly a slower pace than our turtle crawl of the morning, if that’s possible. Having a lovely cold caneca (pint) is refreshing but makes one’s feet drag!!

A grand and lovely day……………so this lovely puss thought….she was lounging near our parking lot, probably well fed from the many folks who enjoy a picnic in the nearby park.

And not at all related to hiking but I noted this weathervane as we climbed up the last small hill towards our car and it made me chuckle. Hope it gives you a smile also.

Primavera está vindo

10 thoughts on “Seven Hanging Valleys

  1. Lovely vistas


    1. Thanks Ken. Takes one’s breath away.


  2. Just so beautiful…


    1. Merci Colleen. It truly is breathtaking. If only I could capture the sounds and smells to accompany the photos.


  3. I think it was a truly wonderful “stroll”, and a grand day for it. Such blue, blue sky. What was the length of the jaunt?
    And where was the little spot you stopped for lunch? Methinks it might be worth a lookee see.


    1. This was a three hour hike and in places, not for anyone who has height issues. The beach is a lovely place and you could chose any on the map in my heading and you would be happy. I would suggest for you Praia Marinha or Praia Bengil for easy walking from the parking and access to the beach.


  4. What a perfect day! Your photos could be in a catalogue promoting travel in Portugal, exceptional! Can’t say I am not jealous!! I have so many favourite photos of your adventure today, but I particularly like the one of you, Pat and Gary…such great smiles! The fossil one intrigued me, the vistas were quite remarkable, wow and wow! And that fisherman did something to my heart! LOL! You made my day! Thanks!


    1. That particular walk can’t be anything but breathtaking. The fossils were quite profuse throughout the walk, especially in places near the cliff edge. It’s not a walk for the weak at heart for sure.


  5. So even the Halloween witch has found her way to Portugal and the sun and warmth!


    1. She’s no fool!!! LOL It’s 24 today and it’s till winter!!!


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