My Special Day……Well One of Them!

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child must work for a living,
But the child that’s born on the Sabbath day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

I won’t tell you what day I was actually born on but I will say, this poem is full of errors!! And just for the record….it wasn’t Sunday! LOL

I was asked today what I wished for this next year and I didn’t have to consider or ponder for even a moment. I have everything I want or need in this world therefore the only thing I would wish for is to remain healthy, to have those whom I love and hold dear to also remain healthy, and to continue to live and enjoy every day I have on this earth (this time around) as if each day was my last.

Today, my 67th birthday, was filled with love and joy. Marc had asked me what I might want to do to celebrate this year and I had requested that we keep it very simple, a leisurely morning, a patio lunch with Pat, Gary, Joanne, Marc and myself, and to let the afternoon unfold as it would. He granted my every wish!

I enjoyed a stroll around the “block” after breakfast this morning, just to breath in the scents (not only the jasmine but also the orange and lemon blossoms are throwing off wonderful wafts of fragrance).

We had a little difficulty finding a restaurant (of my liking) that was open for lunch but had finally decided on Gunther’s, which is about 15 minutes from us by car. It turned out to be an ideal choice as they had modified the terrace since my last visit and the food, for all five of us, was excellent.

We wined and dined for a few hours in the sunshine with copious laughter, exchanges of stories, and the warmth of friendship and easiness. Today is also my anniversary of friendship with Patricia Kean. We met 46 years ago today. A wonderful birthday present.

Once home, despite the large meal and the wine, Joanne and I decided to enjoy a lovely walk. I hate to say it as I know so many of my friends are still in the cold but, it was almost too hot!

These next few photos are for my sister JoAnn…..finally, the freesia are blooming and as I sit here a small vase of them is scenting the kitchen. I wish I could send it to you.

And for PM…….I saw my first poppies today and it made me think of you

And in closing, a photo of a large, very large, black bug that is almost the size of a small hummingbird. They love the jasmine and they are very difficult to photograph, this is the best I could manage, for the moment.

It’s been a perfect day and it isn’t over yet. I am truly a very blessed man. Thank you to all for the many birthday wishes.

22 thoughts on “My Special Day……Well One of Them!

  1. I could imagine the freesia smelling gorgeous. What a wonderful birthday luncheon!


    1. Yes, it was, especially the company! The freesias (I picked two stems that were far away from any house) are scenting up the entire apartment. Heaven!


  2. Happy Birthday you darling man..I just smile ear to ear when you talk about your life. I am so happy for you and Marc. After reading your poem,I had to look up the day of the week I was born ( Tuesday) I’ve been told I was full of something but never “grace”😊


  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Good friends and good food all wrapped up in sunshine.
    I read your words and feel as if I’m there! It’s like a balm for my soul.
    Thank you for the beautiful Freesia!! How I wish I had a vase of them here, or better yet, that they grew here!
    Beverly would enjoy them as well. Perhaps a little greenhouse just to grow Freesia.
    That horse needs a good brushing!
    The ‘bug’ looks like a moth of sorts.

    I’m happy that you had a lovely birthday.
    I love you tons.


    1. Yes, how nice it would be if you could be here to smell the flowers with your own nose. I love you too


  4. Well it does sound as if you had a perfect day!! I loved the pictures and could smell the Freesia in my mind. I had it in my wedding bouquet.
    Your meals looked delicious!
    You are soooo lucky to have the wonderful friends you have Randy.


    1. Has nothing to do with luck…lol. Yes, you would love the freesia. I can smell it sitting here in the living room and it’s two tiny stems in the kitchen. Love and hugs


  5. Very happy birthday Randy. Sounds like a swell day. Thank you for adding such joy to our days with all these beautiful photos.


    1. Thanks Anne Marie, and for following along. We truly feel blessed on this end.


  6. Sounds like such a wonderful BD! Your luncheon looked so delicious especially the peri peri chicken – my fav! And of course great company & sitting on the patio in the sun for a few hours.


    1. Twas a marvelous day Joannie. The sun alone makes it all worthwhile the rest is all added icing on the cake.


  7. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Lots of love surrounding you from many corners of the world! Thank you for the poppies! I lit up seeing them and I was tickled! You are the best!!!


    1. I knew they would make you happy. We are seeing a few more of them here and there and of course it won’t be long before they are everywhere.


  8. Woefully you and I were both born on the same day of the week!



    1. LOL. No woe in my world so I think somebody made a mistake!!


  9. What an exquisite day for one lovely man. Thanks for the wishes, we’ll do our best in our part of the world. Hugs

    On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 1:03 PM Marc and Randys Travel Adventures wrote:

    > canadianboystravel posted: ” Monday’s child is fair of face,Tuesday’s > child is full of grace,Wednesday’s child is full of woe,Thursday’s child > has far to go,Friday’s child is loving and giving,Saturday’s child must > work for a living,But the child that’s born on the Sabbath day,Is fa” >


    1. Thanks Marion, it was a most perfect day. Hugs


  10. Happy Birthday, my dear friend, What a wonderful way to spend it! I checked my 1955 calendar and February 23 was a Wednesday, for what it’s worth. And today is Wednesday! Buy a lottery ticket, quick!


    1. LOL, I knew what day I was born…… was the “full of woe” comment that convinced me not to acknowledge it as it truly is not me. Woe is nowhere near me. Only a few more dodo’s and you’ll be here……yahoo!


  11. A day late and a Euro short… best wishes from Freda and I for the year ahead.


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