Rain? What Rain??

We’ve learned over the years not to pay any attention to the weather forecast here as it rarely is accurate/ Basically, get up in the morning, look out, then make your plans for the day. Last night when we did look it predicted 89% of rain today with clouds. In reality, 18 degrees, gorgeous skies, no precipitation, just a tiny wind that nipped when you were in the shade. And so, we avoided the shade!!

Michel and Louise will move into their apartment on Tuesday and given today was market day in Olhão, we decided to take them there to show them where they would be living and more or less get the “lay of the land”. Marc headed off to do our shopping while I took M&L through the market buildings to help them organize their upcoming shopping.

Once done we stopped to enjoy a bica when suddenly, who walks by but our friend Sandy Gosnell from London, Ontario and her sister Susan. What a small world and how wonderful to suddenly hear a familiar voice call out my name when I least expected it. We’ll see more of them soon once things settle for us again.

We had thought to head to a specific place for lunch but it turned out to be a bit too early and consequently we headed into Fuzeta. One of our favourite places there, O Pedro, which has been closed since our arrival in November, was open and spur of the moment we parked ourselves on the terrace and we all order, and devoured, a succulent, perfectly cooked, corvina steak. (It’s a saltwater fish (commonly called croakers or drums). It inhabits mostly tropical to temperate coastal waters and it remind me very much of halibut, except sweeter).

As it would turn out, we ended up being entertain while enjoying our patio time and our vino!!

As seems to be our habit, after lunch a lovely walkabout along the harbour, across the beach, then back to the car for the drive home. The beach was virtually empty except for a few folks and one persistent wind surfer. As it was Saturday afternoon all the fishing boats were bobbing on the low tide waiting for Monday morning and their return to the fishing waters. Such a pleasant and quite feeling to the town.

As expected, when I went to give water to the horse this morning, she was nowhere to be found. My empty bucket was still there, at least that had not been stolen, but otherwise, nada. My good deed is done and I can only hope that they take a bit more care of her.

Tomorrow is market Sunday in Moncarapacho and we plan to go to give Michel and Louise the experience that brings us so much pleasure. Let’s hope the sunshine greets us when we wake up in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Rain? What Rain??

  1. Lovely blog today as you enjoyed the market & lunch! The anchovies looked amazing – fav of mine in Caesar salad or as a pizza. The corvina steak looked delicious & makes me want to cook some halibut which is my favourite white fish. Glad to see the owners of the horse came to get her & I think she will miss you & the wonderful care you gave her.


    1. Thanks Joannie. I’m a huge lover of anchovies and these fresh ones, cooked then tossed in lemon oil are out of this world. Yummy. I too think the horse will miss me. Hugs.


  2. I am feeling nostalgic over todays blog!! Could your header photo be any more beautiful? I think not! I smiled when Sandy called your name…only you could be 6,000 miles away and run into a friend!! Wonderful!
    Lunch looked scrumptious…one of my favs, so many favs! xoxo


    1. Now how did I know that that header would strike a cord with you?? Bumped into Sandy again today at the Moncarapacho market.


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